Telecommuting News Summary 021609

Federal Stimulus Awaits Presidential Approval
Inside INdiana Business (press release),  IN  - Feb 16, 2009
With advances in technology, many people are telecommuting and working f… COMPLETE NETCAST: We check in with all the big bills making their way th.
HIM Professionals Are Finding New Ways to Work
ADVANCE,  PA  - Feb 16, 2009
In the last decade, outsourcing and telecommuting are two key ways in which organizations have dramatically changed the way work is accomplished.
The decline of conversation
Tempo,  Philippines  - Feb 15, 2009
Online shopping, virtual conferences and telecommuting limit human contact in the business world. “Justifying the cost and time eassociated with business
Thinking outside the 9 to 5 Local women make working from home
News Chief,  FL  - Feb 15, 2009
The flexibility and convenience of telecommuting, not to mention the lack of all the auxiliary complexities that can accompany a 9 to 5 office world,
Y. grad wrangles Capitol for inauguration
Mormon Times,  UT  - Feb 14, 2009
The committee let her telecommute before the pace began to pick up. Then her husband, Jon, formerly with the Secret Service, took on an expanded domestic
State labor chief outlines help available for workers, business,  NJ  - Feb 14, 2009
management practices that preserve jobs through flextime, telecommuting, job sharing, allowances for care-giving opportunities or phased retirements. Announces Free Three Week Online Course: Work at Home 101 (press release)  - Feb 14, 2009
Telecommuting Job Listings are updated daily a Home-Based Business Comparison is available and the site abounds with articles, tips and advice from Hart and
Birmingham bride set for sky-high wedding today
Detroit Free Press,  United States  - Feb 14, 2009
She hopes to be able to move to Texas in a few months, if she can find a way to telecommute, but she is waiting for the auto industry to stabilize.
Elder care an issue for workers
Atlanta Journal Constitution,   USA  - Feb 13, 2009
“Our supervisors try to be understanding and work with employees to create flexible schedules or to allow them to telecommute in order to meet their work
Paying for childcare on a tighter budget
Providence Journal,  RI  - Feb 13, 2009
-Company benefits: Flex time and telecommuting can help cut back considerably on childcare expenses. Couples might even be able to stagger shifts so someone
Graphic by Emily Cooper
BusinessWeek  - Feb 13, 2009
By Amy S. Choi Safeguarding your workplace is getting trickier. more employees are telecommuting, working off portable devices, trading thumb drives like
MarketWatch (press release)  - Feb 13, 2009
Work groups and corporate organizational structures are being redesigned and formed around telecommuting. The “new work style” is characterized by the need CALL - EDGR - OTC:CMTX
Saint Louis University Expert Offers Tips for Employees Balancing
Saint Louis University,  MO  - Feb 13, 2009
“It’s a lot like telecommuting for the modern employee. As long as you put the time in during the week, nobody cares when you do it so you can choose a time
Senate bill pushes employer tax credit for telecommuters
Honolulu Star-Bulletin,  HI  - Feb 13, 2009
By Nina Wu A Senate bill making its way through the state legislature proposes tax credits for employers setting up telecommuting programs for employees.
Falling in love on the job,  Canada  - Feb 13, 2009
With many people telecommuting, or working from home, the distinction between home and work has blurred, she said. While some couples can work together all
Doozy Cards LLC Releases Video Montage Of Most Popular Valentine’s
PR Web (press release),  WA  - Feb 13, 2009
growing number of home-based and telecommuting workers, which in turn gives her the opportunity to spend time with her three sons during the workday.
Forestry School purchases carbon offsets
Yale Daily News,  CT  - Feb 12, 2009
include installing motion sensor lights, setting computers to standby, increasing telecommuting and retrofitting buildings to be more energy-efficient.
Time to end prohibition: legalize pot, free up system,  Canada  - Feb 12, 2009
There are certainly positions involved that could telecommute from a nearby location like Lake Cowichan or Shawnigan. Long term, end prohibition.
Resort Home: Eastern Shore beauty, leisure draw buyers
Washington Times,  DC  - Feb 12, 2009
Some buyers even choose to live year-round on the Eastern Shore, telecommuting or commuting part time to work in Washington. Keswick Homes is now building
Smaller Companies Are Going Mobile,  NY  - Feb 12, 2009
These findings are interesting, considering just a couple of months ago, telecommuting and teleconferencing were found to be on the rise, owing to higher
Working from home: traps and benefits
Sydney Morning Herald,  Australia  - Feb 12, 2009
Towards the end of last year, I did a blog entry on whether the downturn will increase the number of telecommuting. Working from home has a lot going for it
Seven ways to cut cost without cutting your lifeline
Reliable Plant Magazine,  OK  - Feb 12, 2009
Review your telecommuting and flex-time policies. Providing office space for all your employees is costly and often unnecessary.
How Green Is Your Cubicle?,  NY  - Feb 12, 2009
Carpool with a colleague, or ask your employer about telecommuting options. My employer has hooked up our staff with NuRide ( to make ride
Former CNN employee has new life after returning home
Press-Register -,  AL  - Feb 12, 2009
“So I got the option to move back here and telecommute in 2002, and I did that until last September.” After losing her job due to cutbacks, Brave enrolled
Better lights, scoreboard planned for city-owned Harry Grove Stadium
Business Gazette,  MD  - Feb 12, 2009
The city to adopt a policy that allows at least 20 percent of the eligible workforce to participate in alternative work schedules or telework by 2010.
What Could Shorten Your Commute?
Washington Post,  United States  - Feb 11, 2009
More telecommuting? More jobs closer to home? Something no one has thought of yet? Sound off on how your commute could be improved.
Paying for child care on a tighter budget: work flex hours, rotate
The Canadian Press,  NEW YORK  - Feb 11, 2009
LOOK INTO COMPANY BENEFITS Flex time and telecommuting can help cut back considerably on child care expenses. Couples might even be able to stagger shifts
Videotron Will Create 500 Jobs in Quebec by End of 2009
MSNBC  - Feb 11, 2009
and sets up programs based on today’s realities and needs for greater flexibility such as compressed work weeks and telework,” said Mr. Depatie.
Paying for child care on a tighter budget
The Associated Press  - Feb 11, 2009
LOOK INTO COMPANY BENEFITS Flex time and telecommuting can help cut back considerably on child care expenses. Couples might even be able to stagger shifts
Home Business Start-Up on a Budget
Best Syndication,  CA  - Feb 11, 2009
She has been telecommuting and running home businesses for over 15 years and helping others to work at home in jobs or home businesses since 1998.
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