New ViaSat Service Lets You Work Anywhere

My brother-in-law lives in New Jersey, so far from civilization the UPS driver asked if he was in a witness protection program. In fact, he’s so far out in the sticks he’s lucky to have electricity, nevermind broadband service.

If you live out in the boondocks you’ve probably looked into satellite Internet service, as he did. But what you (and he) found was expensive and slow, right?

Not anymore. ViaSat’s new Excede satellite broadband services will do just that–exceed your expectations. Now you can work online from almost anywhere.

You can get fast 12Mbs download service for as low as $50 a month.  That gets you 7.5  Gb of download volume a month, or about 40,000 emails without attachments, 6000 emails with attachments, 16000 web pages, or 800 minutes of streaming video. More or less.  And you can also have all-you-can-eat downloads from midnight to 5am that won’t count as part of your data usage.

Forty thousand emails not enough? You can have twice that (15Gb) for $80/mo or 25Gb for $130/mo–and you still get the free data usage from midnight to 5am.

Incidentally, if you need high speed Internet access in your business jet or if you own an airliner Excede In-flight can help you out too. They have the first service that guarantees 12Mbs to every seat. JetBlue is already offering it.

And get this, the ViaSat-1 satellite has more capacity than all other communications satellites combined. So if you need high speed data on a ship or yacht, a TV news van, or a fire truck they’ve got you covered. Literally.

I’ve got a new tag line for them: Think Of The Possibilities

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