Road Warrior Battery Problems Are Over

We write about the strategic advantages of telework for companies, and the lifestyle advantages of telecommuting and freelancing for individuals. But every once in a while we run across a product or service we think you ought to know about if those topics are of interest.

We’ve spent a small fortune on AA and AAA batteries, and we figure you have too. Decades ago we figured out rechargeables, while more expensive to buy, could save us a bundle over throw-away batteries (even if we do like the Energizer Bunny.)

But keeping charged rechargeable batteries in smoke alarms, and keyboards, and mouses, and TV clickers, and Wii accessories, and headsets, and oven thermometers, and sideburns trimmers, and all the other gizmos meant we had to have a bunch of the suckers in a charger. And even the rechargables had to be replaced every couple of years because the chargers would ruin them.

Don’t know how we missed the memo, but Sanyo solved the problem about five years ago with their Eneloop batteries. They’ll hold 75% of their charge, if you leave them in the kitchen drawer, for three years, and you can recharge them 1500 times before the conk out. (If you recharge them twice a week, that’ll take you 15 years, so you probably won’t to buy new rechargables ever again.)

(Yes, if you buy some of these batteries by clicking on the links in this post we make 6%. But we just bought a set of our own for $30 because we thought they’re extraordinary, and wanted you to know about them too. We don’t really care where you buy them. We have an Amazon Prime account so we get ‘free’ two-day shipping, but you might find them for about $25 at COSTCO, according to a comment on the Amazon page.

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