Show Your Support for Work Flexibility

Why is work flexibility important to you? Whether it’s working from home, being a freelancer, starting your own home-based business, or taking advantage of other flexible work options, the ability to choose when, where, and how we work is becoming more of a necessity than a perk. As more people like you start to request-or demand-flexibility, an exciting initiative is organizing and growing support for workplace flexibility of all kinds, telecommuting included.

1 Million for Work Flexibility is a place for everyone-professionals, companies, and related organizations-to come together in support of flexible work options. Home-based jobs are one of the key components, and the movement also cites flexible and alternative schedules, compressed workweeks, job sharing, and even freelance contracts as important flexible work options for today’s workforce.

Professionals showing their support for 1 Million have a lot to say about why work flexibility is important to them. Many have cited the freedom that working from home provides them. Others have talked about how work flexibility makes it possible for them to be better parents, siblings, caregivers, spouses, friends, and citizens. And business owners who support 1 Million say it’s because they see how work-life balance and flexible work options have helped their businesses grow while keeping their employees happy.

If you’d like a more flexible job, the ability to work from home, the chance to set your own schedule or work alternative hours, and the satisfaction of work-life balance, support 1 Million for Work Flexibility today!

— Brie Weiler Reynolds

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