Freelance Resources

Freelance Advice

Loads of good articles, advice, and links for freelancers.
• Freelance Switch
Excellent source of information about how to acquire, manage, and price your freelance services. Be sure to participate in their freelance survey and you’ll get a free copy of the insightful results.

Where to Find Freelance Work / Job Leads

• Guru
Established in 2000, Guru now represents over 30,000 employers. Over 93,000 projects were posted in 2007.
• Elance
As of May 2008, Elance had over 130,000 freelance service providers and 40,000 active buyers—an increase of 60 percent from the year prior. More than 4,000 projects—representing $2 million in business—are posted each week.
• RentaCoder
In business since 2001, RentaCoder is an online marketplace connecting over 100,000 buyers with 200,000 freelancers. Buyers can find the best coder from around the block or around the world and conduct business safely through
• oDesk
oDesk’s site calculator shows 92,000 posted projects, 87,000 freelancers, and $34 million in total project values. They offer free skills testing to help promote your value to prospective customers.

Specialty Freelance Work / Job Leads

• Freelance Writing Gigs
Freelance writing advice and legitimate job leads from a full-time freelance writer and blogger.

Home Based Business Advice

• Small Business
Small Business Advice
• Entrepreneurs
Small Business Entrepreneurs On
• About: Home Business
Home Based Business Advice from
• Evan Charmichael - Entrepreneurial Advice
Motivation and Strategies for Entrepreneurs
• Enterprise Nation
Enterprise Nation – the home business website. A free resource to help you start and grow a business at home.
• Expert Home-Based Business Advice
Home-based business expertise on
• Spare Room Start Up
Largest site of its kind in the UK and companion to “Spare Room Start Up – how to start a business from home”
• Mobile Office
Work from home technology advice and resources
• LisaWorksAtHome
Lisa is a home-based call center operator with LiveOps. Her site offers helpful links and insider advice about working from home.
• Web Worker Daily
Excellent source of information for home-based employees and business owners.

Job Boards Specializing in Work From Home Jobs

• TJobs: Work At Home
Work from home and freelance job postings
• TeleworkInternational
Excellent work at home resources, links, and information.
• NetTemps
Good source of work from home jobs
Work At Home Computer Jobs
Work-from-home job board with hand-reviewed listings.

Other Job Boards Where Work at Home Jobs Often Appear

• Indeed
Search Engine for Work At Home jobs
• SimplyHired
largest database of work at home jobs
• Blog Directory
Small business and entrepreneurship blog directory

Work-Life / Career Advice

• 4-Hour Workweek
Work anywhere, work at home, work-life advice
• Brazen Careerist
Career, work-life fit, and work at home advice
Job advice from career professionals
• The Adventures of Johnny Bunko
A career guide for the 21st Century student — Not your father’s kind of job advice.
• The Virtual Handshake
Everything you could ever want to know about connecting with others virtually. An essential read for new and even experienced networkers.
• Weddles Guide
Guide to resources for employment, personal development and career success.
• What Color Is Your Parachute
Web companion site for the famed book, What Color Is Your Parachute.
• Work+Life Fit
Work/life blog with daily advice for creating balance in your life.
• WorkOptions
Telecommuting, flextime, job sharing advice

Work-Life Advocates

• Effective Workplace Series: Telework
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Work And Family Research
• Work-Life Policy Ctr
Research and advocacy for work-life programs
• Sloan Family Research
Sloan Work & Family Research Network at Boston College
• Familes And Work
Work at home, work life family research and advocacy
• Alliance For Work-Life Progress
Organization dedicated to advancing work-life as a business strategy integrating work, family and community.