Medical Transcription Scam Alert

I’m working on a chapter about Medical Transcription for our forthcoming book about work at home jobs, Undress4Success. If the subtitle The Naked Truth About Working From Home was ever appropriate it’s here. There are oodles of nasty scams associated with the field, and the truth needs to be revealed.

Three-quarters of MTs work from home, and on the face of it, it seems like a job anyone with some typing skills could do. Trust me, it ain’t. But that doesn’t stop unscrupulous rip-off artists from preying on people who don’t know any better.

Several industry insiders have told us about one company they love to hate that they affectionately refer to as TransScam. Their concerns are backed up by website reports that describe a scam that goes something like this:

• You post your resume on one of the job sites such as and mention something about typing skills or anything to do with the medical profession.

• They send you an email saying how impressed they are with your background, and ask if you’d be willing to take a free medical transcription test. If you pass it, they say, they’ll pay for your training and guarantee you a work at home job. All you have to do is buy some piddly transcription software.

• You pass the test with flying colors, of course, and they rave about your potential. You’ll be rich!

• But you’re cautious, and ask if they’re legitimate. “Why of course, silly, we’re members of the Chamber of Commerce,” and email a logo. Now that is impressive, isn’t it?

• So you fork over 400 bucks for what turns out to be awful software, and they try to up-sell you on “professional” software and a foot pedal to make you more productive.

• But that stuff’s junk too, to so you ask for a refund.

• They say read the fine print, we don’t do refunds, have a nice day.

Still, if you have an affinity for language, are good at interpreting what you hear, can learn quickly, and can type about 100 words per minute you are a good candidate for a rewarding job as a medical transcriptionist. There are some very reputable schools, such as The Andrews School and CareerStep that in about six months can teach you what you need to know to make a go of it. And MTs are definitely in demand.

ANY school that you talk to should have the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) approval. But even if they do, do your homework; some companies claim to have accreditation, but it’s only from a phony made-up outfit of their own. Rummage around the web, and see what people have to say about the school you’re considering. If you can’t do that, you probably shouldn’t be thinking about being an MT anyway.

There are other renditions of this theme in every industry, so if your interested in finding a work at home job, in telecommuting, or freelance work look before you leap. In fact, if you want, leave a comment here about a company you’re interested in and we’ll check ‘em out.

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  1. Do you know if Transam Associates, Inc. is legite. They offer free training but say you need to buy software. I appreciate any info you can provide.

  2. Tom Harnish says:

    We don’t have an personal knowledge of the company, but–as the post indicates–we’ve been told by industry insider that they are indeed a scam. Google the phrase “Transam Scam” and check of few of the websites the pop up.. Apparently an awful lot of people have been burned.

  3. Sarah says:

    Does this school ,Stratford Career Institute provide an up-to-date highly informitive educational course in medical transcription ,that will insure proper training for sucess in this particular feild.

  4. Sarah says:

    Does Future MT really provide a highly imformative educational course, in medical transcriptionist that will ensure proper training for sucess in this feild that it claims it does ?

  5. Tom Harnish says:

    Sarah: Trying doing a search on Google with the following terms: Stratford Career Institute scam, and Future MT scam. Some very unhappy people out there.

    If I were interested in becoming an MT I’d do my training with one of the AHDI approved schools.

    Their ‘Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval’ means you’ll get your money’s worth, and finish with an employable skill.

  6. medical transcription employment says:

    Medical transcription employment is a challenge for MT newbies. Medical transcription companies will not usually take the time to train people who complete medical transcription schooling, so most employees are reluctant to hire those without experience, say the least. However, all medical transcriptionists, including this author, were once in that same position. Yes, it is a Catch-22.

    There are some great medical transcription online schools, and the three I keep reading about that MT newbies rave about are Career Step, M-Tec and Andrews. These will give you the kind of education that will give you an advantage when seeking.

  7. Jody says:

    Yes, Definitely go through an AHDI approved school. If you do, and you pass your RMT, you will qualify for the 2-year paid apprenticeship, and then you’ll have the experience you need for any company. It’s the only way to go! I like because you can use federal financial aid including pell grants. Some schools don’t qualify for that.

  8. Going through AHDI approved schools is one of the best ways to get medical transcription employment because of the job assistance programs that are in place. The price of the training is probably higher, but then again you save time/money when looking for employment, not to mention frustration. Most newbie MTs have a difficult time and get discouraged, so paying for training from AHDI schools is a smart move, in this medical transcriptionist’s opinion.

  9. I have heard other medical transcriptionists refer to Trans Am as “Trans Scam” so I would stay away from that company. Medical transcription employment by a company means you are an employee and should not have to purchase anything; the company that employs you (aka your employer) should be providing you with the tools/resources you need to work since they can write it off. So beware of any company presenting such a proposition. Such a company is trying only to pass itself off as an employer while taking your hard-earned money and then coming up with some reason why you cannot work for them (such as you don’t pass their tests or meet their requirements [whatever they might be]).

  10. Zo says:

    The Future MT course is a complete rip-off. They send you a poorly writen book (it is by a well-known textbook publisher, but is still poorly writen), and a CD with some dictation on it. Then you are on your own. They don’t teach you any medical termniology or anatomy, it’s not even in the book – you are expected to just know it, so if you don’t have a background in healthcare, you are pretty much screwed. Luckily, I have taken college level classes in both in preparation for my nursing courses, but even I am having trouble with some of the modules. You submit your answers via email to some mass inbox, and you are expected to get on the website and grade your work yourself. The answer key, however, has absolutely no explanations, so if you don’t understand why you missed a question, you are screwed. I thought I was getting a good deal and even researched the company with the Better Business Bureau, but this course is seriously thrown together by some outsider who knows nothing about the field. STEER CLEAR!!!

  11. Tom Harnish says:

    Sorry you got burned, Zo! I just don’t know how companies like that live with themselves. And for that matter, I don’t know why the BBB, the State’s Attorney General’s Office and other’s don’t make an effort to shut companies down that rip people off like that. Actually in our new book, Undress For Success: The Naked Truth About Making Money From Home (Come out mid-March) we have a chapter called something like “Don’t Get Mad, Get Even.” You might find some helpful ideas for getting a refund.

  12. [...] in May we wrote about transcription training ripoffs, companies that sell useless materials to people that want to work from home. We just received this [...]

  13. Janet Murray says:

    I am thinking of signing up with Career Step for the online classes. Just checking to see if anyone has had any bad issues or knows of any “scams” in relation with this site/school.


  14. Tom Harnish says:

    Career Step is an AHDI approved school, so that’s a very good sign.

    Read this thread for some comments from other folks:

    Given the same training, different people with different abilities, will have different success finding work.

    There’s an old saying, “A poor craftsman blames his tools,” and I’m inclined to think that someone who blames Career Step for their inability to find work may be in the same category. There’s a reason why companies waive the experience requirement for Career Step graduates.

    But follow the links above to AHDI and the WAHM forum, read all the posts, and decide for yourself.

  15. [...] who seem to be concerned that Career Step may not be legit. We looked at the issue a while back and wrote that we though they were reputable, but we decided to dig a little deeper because of all the recent [...]

  16. Tom Harnish says:

    Update and more details on Career Step here. We conclude they’re not a scam.

  17. Medical transcription is a legitimate work-at-home job but as stated in this article, it is not for everyone and it is not as easy as many of the web sites would like you to believe. In addition to paying between $1800 and $3500 for a good education, you will still have a difficult time getting that first job and the requisite 2 years of experience. Research the requirements carefully and make sure you understand what’s required and whether or not you have the skills. Stay away from any school that is not AHDI approved.

  18. Nicole says:

    Is this the same career step school? Did they get a law suit filed on them?…

  19. Tom Harnish says:

    This issue is discussed ad naseum here.

  20. michaelbarnes says:

    I went about 75% through the Career Step and it does have a very good program. The only reason I didn't finish was personal reasons in my own life, but I am looking to go back to take the Medical Coding and Billing part. I have done the Medical Transcription and decided that I didn't feel my ablility to transcribe was all that terrific so I am working on that on my own and will go back to take that part later. SO in my opinion Career Step is a great school and they do have people there that are willing to help you when you need it.

  21. carelee says:

    does anyone have any info on at home professions?

  22. Lisa says:

    I’m curious also about at home professions… I’ve seen some information about them, but not much.

  23. pissed hubby says:

    my wife has been doing caree step on line med trans for over 5 years
    each time she finishes one course they say you have to send more money to continue
    she says its not a scam but i have spent numerouse nights alone while she is studying on computer now she says she needs to send more money???
    just one more section and ill be finished she says
    have been hearing that for five long expensive years

  24. Tom Harnish says:

    You (and she) should have a clear understanding of what’s required, and I’m sure CareerStep will clarify that for you both.

    Call them at 1-800-246-7837 and ask for a specific answer to what will be required to graduate.

    If you don’t get a clear answer reply here and we’ll find out for you.

  25. Brittni says:

    I have been taking the courses through At-Home Professions for about 2 months and am currently on Course 1 out of 5. I really like the courses, but have now been reading that they are not AHDI approved. I am wondering if I should stop and pursue this education through a different source, such as Career Step. I don’t want to spend all my time and money doing this only to find out later that an employer will not accept my education. Any thoughts as to what would be a good move for me? Thanks

  26. Tom Harnish says:

    Call a couple of MSTOs, companies you’d like to work for, and ask them. It’ll get your foot in the door, Brittni, and it’ll get you a direct answer, straight from the horse’s mouth.

  27. Ali says:

    FutureMT is awesome and I have learned so much through their course. If you need to be spoon fed, then yeah, don’t take the course, you should probably look into a local college course where you can sit in a classroom and be lectured to all day and spend thousands of dollars.

    As with any online education, you have to apply yourself and do a lot of the work yourself. That’s how you learn. On the flip side it also provides you more flexibility. Like with anything good in life–the harder you work at it and the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. The cool thing with this course is that if you ever have a question, you can ask and there is a certified CMT waiting to assist you. The lady that always helped me was really awesome and so eager to help!

    One of my other friends took a course through one of the bigger name online MT courses and didn’t even get the help of a certified CMT when she needed it, and definitely spent waaaay more than me!

    Anyways, sounds to me like you just had a bad experience. I’m very sorry for you, but I found the course prepared me really well. To each his own I guess.


  28. Kris says:

    Considering taking MT courses to work at home. Have some medical background. Due to family life would have to work from home. Has anyone out there been able to finish a MT course online and find immediate at-home employment?

  29. Joyclyn says:

    You are absolutely right. Transam contacted and told me to take this MT test. but i found out they were scaming ppl. Stay away from : stratford career institute , Ashworh university/ college : penn foster : & saint leo university. IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ME GOT TO WWW. RIPOFFREPORTS.COM type in a schools name and read about all the people who got ripped off.

  30. Edie says:

    Hi Tom, I am new to the world of medical transcription. Could you please tell me what MSTO stands for? Also, can you give me a list of MT companies I can possibly contact for info. regarding which on-line schools they hire from.

    According to many postings, I see that Career Step seems to be the best. I just want to make sure I am picking the right one for me.

    Thank you,

  31. Tom Harnish says:

    MSTO stands for Medical Transcription Service Organization–companies that employee MTs. (FWIW, the ability to quickly look up unknown words and abbreviations is a key skill for successful MTs.)

    I wouldn’t say Career Step is the best MT school, but I might say it is among the top three along with Andrews School and M-TEC, and there are other good schools (see the list of AHDI approved schools). Picking a school is a personal decision. They all offer slightly different approaches, methods, and materials. In the end you have to decide what’s right for you.

  32. Taralia says:

    One EENSY-WEENSY little problem with recommending anything that is approved by AHDI:

    AHDI is a SCAM organization, as well.

  33. Tom Harnish says:

    Really? What makes you think so?

    That’s a serious accusation, and could be considered defamation.

    You’d better have some substantial evidence to support your opinion.

  34. Lynn Kain says:

    What about Penn Foster career school?

  35. Tom Harnish says:

    Have you tried doing a Google search for “Penn Foster scam” (without the quotes)?

  36. Dewey Shade says:

    I have been contacted by Transam Associates, Inc and my gut so far tells me that this company is running a scam operation. The offer of free training sounds good,but then again, the best things are not usually free. I am especially doubtful about the requirement to purchase software and books. Please inform me by email with accurate info as to whether you can confirm my suspicion.

  37. cybal says:

    I was wondering if anybody has any experience with the medical transcription program offered thru Everett? It is on the AHDI approved list and from what I have read they use the Career Step coursework and add some extra stuff in there. You also get college credits. It sounds good, but do actually have the same chance of getting a job as somebody that goes thru Career Step alone?

  38. Francis Hooker says:

    What is the top school for MT?

  39. Tom Harnish says:

    If you’ll take the time to read these posts you find that there are several good MT schools.

    If your aren’t able or willing to do that minimum level or research you probably aren’t cut out to be an MT which involves looking up a lot of crucial details.

  40. Harriet Miller says:

    I was just before signing up with Future MT, but after doing more research, I’m backing up. Seems like every time I called up there I got the same guy, who is supposedly the president, founder, and CEO. Now, what CEO answers his own phone. Never got anybody else on the line. I think it’s a one-man show and yes, they are AHDI approved, so they say in their website so that makes me wonder.

  41. Des Brown says:

    Anyone make a decision on At-Home Professions? I have neither time nor money to waste.

  42. Cassie Bradley says:

    I am searching for and MT school that accepts financial aid such as the Pell Grant, and am having a difficult time finding one. Does anyone have any suggestions? Someone mentioned in a post in 2008, but the link didn’t work for me…

  43. jaci says:

    I have done the At-Home professions course work and I will tell you that it is an ok class. Right now I am having such a hard time trying to find work that I am really thinking on going back to school and do it all over again just maybe do it right. I am looking into M-Tec. So far they seem like a really good school and lots of material and the lady is working with me to go through the WIA program in my state just so I can attend. I hope that this helps everyone.

  44. Jennifer says:

    Has anyone heard good/bad regarding “Deborah’s Touch Medical Transcription Service”? They offer an A to Z course, and say that by completing their program, with documents that have been dictated by their doctors/clients, they will provide a letter of recommendation saying that you’ve completed work for their company. They acknowledge the catch-22 of experience to get employment, and so they’ve included that bit as their selling point. Seems less expensive than other courses I’ve seen. I’m not expecting easy..but I do want a legitimate home-income source so that I can continue to stay home and homeschool my children. Thanks for your insight.

  45. Tom Harnish says:

    I’m sceptical of a “school” that apparently is an outgrowth of a massage parlor, whose BBB listing includes “TRAILERS-CAMPING & TRAVEL” as Type of Business, and whose webiste traffic has plummeted to a mere 114 visitors in April according to

    A letter of recommendation, in any case, is basically worthless unless it’s from some one or an entity that is respected. Most MTSO probably have never even heard of them.

    On their website they claim “Our program has more outstanding students – who now own large businesses – than any other.” That’s, simply, not true.

  46. Rik says:

    My wife is currently studying through At Home Professions, and is loving it! She’s really a self-starter, andhas the motivation and is a good, quick learner. The Greek and Latin is not a problem for her. Some of the work is basic, but she memorizes everything and knows this info. better than some nurses she currently works with.

    To get work, will she be able to find something if she is a very good student from that school, or is it that necessary that she resort to switching schools, and all that’s involved with that? Would she be able to demonstrate her knowledge and abilities rather than simply being judged by the school she studied with?

  47. Tom Harnish says:

    I don’t know what kind of reputation “At Home Professions” has with the MTSO community. If it’s exceptional, it will get her in the door. But what will get her the job will be her ability to flawlessly transcribe the samples she’ll be given as a qualification test.

    One of the nice things about work at home jobs is they tend to be results oriented. The don’t care who you are, where you went to school, what you look like, or anything if you can get the job done.

    The issue, as far as this thread is concerned, though, is what school will give you your money’s worth. Like any education, the results depend an awful lot on the student. Indeed, several commenters here are self-taught. But some MT schools are purely scams and you have to watch for them, no matter how good a student you are.

  48. Ben says:

    My wife is also doing the At Home Professions course right now, and seems to be enjoying it, and learning a lot. The end result of the cost is going to be around 2k, with the $100 discount per course (5 courses total) that came with signing up after attending a seminar about it. They obviously are talented- and hire talented individuals- with marketing and giving the image of success and opportunity. The image that they convey is always going to appear easier and more rewarding than what the final destination will be, however, my wife has certainly learned a great deal through the first half of the process. She’s pregnant right now, and has been able to learn well so far without too much discomfort, which is important. I’ll try to keep you posted on how it goes another six months down the road, we’ll see where it goes.

    As for the people with questions here, Tom seems to know what he’s talking about, and makes a lot of sense with his comments, so I recommend listening to him. I also recommend reading the previous comments, as almost every question that I’ve seen here has been asked a good half dozen times, give or take. :)

  49. Tom Harnish says:

    You offered to keep us posted on her/your (and the little one’s) progress–we’re gonna hold you to it! Keep us up to date!

  50. Cristy says:

    I just went to the AHDI approved school list on the AHDI website at
    and FutureMT is not listed as an AHDI member. Also on the FutureMT website at
    if you click on the little round button that says AHDI member at the bottom of the page it takes you to their own website not AHDI’s website. I would do more checking into this course.

  51. Lori says:

    I took the medical transcription course from [a transcription school] back in late 1994/early 1995. I had just had a baby and was still on maternity leave when I started the course. I had a seven-year-old child at home and a husband who requires a lot of attention to be happy (don’t we all?). I started back to work full-time in retail sales and dealt with my family and household AND did the coursework required at that time (it has changed quite a bit since then as the industry has changed). I was very, very motivated as I wanted to work from home so I could be a lot more available to my kids. I completed the course in six months, but could have taken as much as two years at that point in time (I don’t know what they allow now). I was able to get my very first job by using their “How to Find Your First Transcription Job” booklet (or some title such as that) within four weeks. I continued working full-time in retail for a year while I built my transcription business up and when I felt I could afford to live strictly on the transcription income I gave up my retail job which I had held for 14 years. I have had an EXTREMELY successful career as a transcriptionist. I enjoy my job very much and take great pride in my success. Over the years many, many people have called me and asked about the industry and how to get started. I have given them all my success story along with the number for [a transcription school]. Of the many people I have spoken with about this, I believe three people actually started that program. Of those three people none of them completed it. I have got to repeat the idea one other person stated above. Basically – YOU GET OUT OF IT WHAT YOU PUT INTO IT. If you are not serious, if you are not very self-motivated, if you don’t have the drive, or “the ear” for it, than quite simply — you won’t succeed. It doesn’t matter WHERE you get your training. You need all of the above. Basically, I guess I just wanted to say that personally I got all of the training I needed to become successful as a medical transcriptionist as an independent contractor for 15 years now.

  52. Lori says:

    Why did you blank out the name of the school? The main reason I even wrote this is that people seemed to not believe that [school] would give them a viable education for their money. I have never given an endorsement in writing to anyone, not even the school itself, and it annoyed me somehow that people thought [school] could possibly be a scam and I wanted them to know that it is not.

  53. Tom Harnish says:

    Blanked the school name, Lori, because it looked like it could be a bogus ad more than a personal opinion. We’ve had a number of people leaving what looked like personal opinions that were actually shills for the school they wrote about. I’d have deleted your post altogether except I thought you offered some good advice about motivation, drive, talent, etc.. anyway, the industry–and schools–have changed a lot in 15 years. The fairest thing to do, I decided, was to leave your comment but redact the school name.

  54. Clarissa McDaniel says:

    I also completed the Future MT course over a year ago and still cannot find a job. I would like my money back on this but I’m afraid it’s too late. It’s embarrassing when I submit my resume and have to put on a “school” that no one says they have heard of and my certificate of completion could have been made by anyone.

  55. sonya hackelton says:

    I am not enrolled in a school currently, however I have a MT text book and med. term dictionary from a few years ago when I was. Would it be possible to learn everything from my text book to be a MT? I have read that there are no legal requirements for education to be an MT. I realize that may not matter to potential employers.

  56. Tom Harnish says:

    Technically, yes, you probably can learn everything you need to know from a book. So could a pilot. But would an airline hire that pilot? Not likely. Airlines and MTSOs are looking for employees that come from a reputable school that they know has given good training, and someone who has some experience. But how do I get experience if no one will hire me? Some schools are good enough they’re all the credentials you need to get a job. The alternative is to take a low paying job to gain the experience. In aviation that means towing signs or fligh instructing. For an MT that means offering yourself virtually free just to get the experience. But understand for pilots and MTs, there’s administrative overhead in taking you on so even if you offer to work free it still costs your ‘employer’ something. So pay the money and get good training or go it alone and pay the price in low wages while you catch up. That said, there’s no guarantee of a job regardless of your background, training, and experience. Times are tough and there’s lots of competition. Sorry, there’s no easy answer.

  57. sonya hackelton says:

    Thank you, Tom, for your response to my question. I think from reading about this career path, it seems like way too much risk and money for little reward. Especially, since there would be no passion for it. I think I’ll stick to my dream of being a children’s entertainer.

  58. Tom Harnish says:

    Have you thought about entertaining kids in hospital? Are you familiar with Patch Adams MD and the Gesundheit Institute?

  59. Judy Jackson says:

    I read all the comments. Although I have not made a decision on which MT school to attend, I feel more informed than before reading the comments; however, I did not see which schools are AHDI approved AND accept pell grants! Did I miss this info?

  60. Tom Harnish says:

    We don’t have a list of AHDI approved schools here, because the list changes from time to time. Look up the page (in the post itself not the comments) and you’ll find a link to the AHDI website where you’ll find the current list.

  61. Astrid says:

    Tom, a friend of mine told me about CAI medical Transcription? Have you heard of them or know anything about them? I’ve checked out their website but I just don’t know.

  62. Tom Harnish says:

    Well, they aren’t AHDI approved for starters. And the website looks very homemade to me. If the organization can’t afford to have a quality website built for them, do they have the resource to provide a quality product? Granted the opposite is true, too; a few bucks will buys a snazzy website, and that certainly doesn’t make them a quality outfit.

    I guess what I’d do is call several MTSOs and ask their HR folks if you came to them after completing the CAI course would they hire you. Make it clear you’re not asking for a job, just looking for a sense of what it takes to get hired these days.

  63. Astrid says:

    Thank you. I will do that Tom. You seem very informed and knowledgeable. Are you an MT? If so what school did you go to or which one would you recommend? I don’t know if you’re able to say but because you seem so knowledgeable, I trust your opinion.

  64. Tom Harnish says:

    Oh my, I wish I could type well enough to be an MT, but I’m one of those ‘coupla fingers’ typers. Have some medical background thanks to high school and college work in hospitals, and my Dad and I ran a homehealthcare company for a coupleof years. But I’m not an MT.

    I actually can type reasonably fast, but I make a huge number of mistakes. In high school it was understood that typing class was just for girls. Now, for me, that was reason enough to want to take the class, but the teachers knew that was my main ineterst and not typing.

    These days, it seems to me, if you can’t type well it’s almost a form of illiteracy! Ought to be a requirement in grade school, the year before you’re introduced to computers. Hmmm, that might be first grade, these days.

    Anyway, sorry I can’t offer more advice on MT as a career. The field, as an insider I interviewed told me, is about to meet ‘the perfect storm’ because new healthcare programs will require more patient records, an aging patient base needs more healthcare, existing MTs are nearing retirement, voice to text technology is making inroads just to confuse the issue, and the economy is driving people to look for new work. Put all that into a bucket and stir and you have a hurricane!

  65. Judy Jackson says:

    I am still having trouble finding a MT school that is AHDI approved, axxepts PELL grants, and provides employment assistance after completion. Anyone elsexperienced this? Thanks!

  66. Tom Harnish says:

    I Googled PELL and AHDI and found this list in seconds. You should be able to skim the list and find those that are AHDI approved and offer Pell grants (the code is PG). A visit to the school’s website will tell you if the school provides employment assistance. Most do, especially for top students even if they don’t formally offer the service..

    A week ago you asked about this and I told you how to find the list. One of the prerequisites for a successful MT is an ability to quickly look up information, so you should have been able to find it yourself without my help but now you say you still can’t find it. In fact, MT job applications include a test with dictation that contains some odd words that you’ll have to look up to find out what they are and how they’re spelled.

    Also, your comments/questions contain a few typos (so do mine, but I’m not trying to earn a living based on my typing skills). An ability to type 100 words a minute without mistakes is a requirement if you want to make a reasonable income you’re paid on a per line basis. The faster you type the more you’ll earn.

    Perhaps you should consider another line of work?

  67. Judy Jackson says:

    Both times I have left questions it has been from my phone because we are waiting for an internet upgrade and I do not have access to the internet except through my phone. I apolpgize for the typos. Obviously I won’t bother you again.

  68. Tom Harnish says:

    Whoa! Didn’t mean to offend you, Judy!

    I was simply responding to the information you provided. You wrote a comment and said you were having trouble finding something. I told where you could find it. You came back a week later and said you still hadn’t found it. How was I to know you hadn’t looked?

    And no need to apologize for the typos especially if you were using a phone. But how was I suppose to know you were probably struggling with tiny keys that forced you to type with your thumbs? If I’d know that I wouldn’t have said anything. But you’d be amazed how many people decide they want to become an MT and can’t type!

    I’m sorry I offended you. I simply was offering friendly advice that I hoped would save you some time, money, and grief.

  69. Rachael says:


    I was looking into a Medical transcription course online and all your posts helped tremendously. I was just about ready to enrol with Future MT! Have things changed any with them? I heard conflicting views. I was wondering if you know of a good program that offers Medical Transcription Editor courses. I have been talking to people and I have a sense that Transcription Jobs are available,but there is not such a huge demand for them, now that voice recognition has come into play. Editors I believe are more in demand. Is that true and can you point me in the right direction? Thanks.

  70. Mary says:

    Does anyone have experience with Allied Schools for medical transcription?
    Thank you!

  71. Chris says:

    Has anyone tried this site: before? It seems suspicious to find a free site like this, and I just wondered if you or anyone else knew anything about it. There are so many scams out there. I’d appreciate any advice.

  72. Meredith says:

    I applied for a job with company not knowing and during the interview they didn’t make sense. They said I wouldn’t require any training because i have a background in Coing and Billing. I knew that was wrong! Decided to research and found that they are fakes when I went back to confront them about it with a copy of the paragraph from the website. They keep disconnecting me. So in return I have come up with a new e-mail address and name and now I e-mail her about how wrong she is.

  73. Tom Harnish says:

    Don’t waste your time.

  74. Emo says:

    I really think so too. I have been browsing around the web for a while this week, and its really hard to find anything interesting to read on blogs:P Maybe its because there are too many of them around =) But this place actually keeps catching my attention=) Great stories, and cool design ^__^. Ill be sure to give it more visits from now on .

  75. Brian says:

    jaci, just reading your info. about At-Home Professions. It appears that you completed the work but just cannot find a job. What process did you go through after finishing the required course work?

  76. Brian says:

    Tom after reading the past 6 months of comments on this site it seems to me that there are a small handfull of certified schools that teach MT. My concern is how do folks find work after graduation? Locally I see a few newspaper ads about 2-3 times a month asking for MT positions. If someone completes an on-line program only and re-locates is there a nationwide website in which to submit a resume. As you know posting resumes on is an effort in futality, I have know of only a handfull of people who actually found employment through job sites like Monster and they were all computer/IT professionals 10 years ago in California.

  77. Tom Harnish says:

    Finding a job as an MT is the same as any other: find out who the employers are, submit a resume to HR, and get to know someone that already works there and have them hand carry your resume to a hiring manager. Remember, you’re selling a product so the 4 Ps of Marketing apply: product (you), place (where you sell yourself), price (maybe offer to volunteer for a month if you don’t have any experience to prove your capabilities), and promotion (how you present yourself in writing and in person.) A resume, for example, with typos will is instant disqualification.After all, you’re supposed tom be able to type accurately. Or one sent to the wrong person may be too–you’re supposed to be able to look up stuff you don’t know. If you can’t even find out who the HR manager is, or where they want you to send a resume, how will you find out about an obscure illness to make sure you’ve transcribed the doc’s dictation correctly?

    Of course many of the schools claim to quarantee placement once you’ve completed their course. Can you find out where their folks are going to work?

  78. Mrs. Shirley says:

    I went to the At Home Professions siminar and I really liked it. The lady said everything I wanted to hear. But now after reading tons of info I don’t think I’m going to go with them. In 2005 I went to vet tech school, but wasnt able to finish because I got pregnant, then I went back to school for Dental Assisting and graduated with honors, a great gpa, and was one of the top students in my class. After graduating I had to compleat 150hrs in an office working w/o pay. The dentist I worked for is very well known and very respected in my area. He also gave me a great letter of recomendation. I am also a Regestared D.A. (which I worked very hard to get that title) So why am I looking into more schooling? Well after looking for a job for almost a year, I am still unemployed. I don’t blame my school, they have been very helpful in finding me interview, but in my area doctors want a minimum of a year of steady work and I need to be bilingual.So I guess what Im trying to say is, its not always the school you go to, sometimes people just don’t get jobs. I did think it was nice that the lady from AHP just gave me the 1st cource with no credit card info. She said she felt bad for me so she just wrote on my paper “intent to pay” So all she has is my name and address, because if I had to give her my bank info I would have left empty handed. Hope my bad luck helped someone out there.

  79. Belinda says:

    I am nearly finished with At-Home Professions transcription course. At first I raved about how good they were, until I got deeper into the course.
    My first complaint is they teach one format for 4 courses and then in the 5th and last course they add in 5 different ones. Too much to take in at one time, would be better if introduced earlier, allowing more time for practice. Second issue is the quality of their support staff. Sure, they will call you back if you request so, but the instructors are not instructors, they are trained professionals. Teaching is different from just knowing the information. If I make an error, I want to know why, not just that it is wrong! Also, one particular instructor has the personality of a gremlin! She was cold and judgemental, being critical of my proof reading, and then addressing me by someone else’s name! I was so disheartened, and my confidence bottomed out, that I went and enrolled at the local Vo-Tech doing the same course (for free under a Pell Grant)! Then I was told, “Oh no one does well on quiz 30 ha ha.”
    I think they charge way too much for this course; if they would improve their feedback system, such as have an online chat forum and instructor available online, it would be a much better way to check with other students, or an instructor, on problems or questions.
    Summary: Not worth the money!

  80. Tam says:

    Have you heard anything about Medtrans? They are based out of Arizona.

  81. Pat says:

    I took the Career Step program. I spent 2 years and several extensions to complete but can not pass their final. As far as I am concerned, all these schools are scams.

  82. Tom Harnish says:

    Have you tried taking an entrance or hiring exam at an MTSO? If you rummage around I’ll bet you can find one that will allow you to try their test. If you pass it, your comment has merit, if not . . . “it’s a poor craftsman who blames his tools?”.

  83. Alma says:

    I did a seminar last Thursday and got the brochure and right on the back of this it reads Corporate Member of American Association For Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI).

  84. Tom Harnish says:

    Who conducted the seminar? Did you go to the AHDI website and confirm that they are actually a member?

  85. Jen says:

    I also was wondering if anyone heard about MedTrans, based out of Arizona. I had a doctor who said his sister worked for them and loved her job. Has anyone heard good or bad regarding the company? Hiring issues?

  86. Tania says:

    I have just started to do research on this whol MT career, the one name that keeps popping up in my search is Michele Miller’s Medical Transcipiton. Do you know if her course will be helpful or if she is another scam? I looked at BBB and she is accredited. I look forward to any insight.

  87. Tom Harnish says:

    The BBB doesn’t mean a thing, unfortunately. Find out if she/the school is AHDI approved, and ask her for the names of at least three companies that have hired her graduates. Then talk to both the graduates and someone in charge at the company about thier impressions of the school. If most haven’t heard of it or give it bad reviews then you know what you need to know.

  88. phr says:

    Please, PLEASE stop looking to BBB as a hardcore source for whether or not a medical transcription school is worth anything.


    If you “hate to read”, or “hate big words/studying”, or “hate trying to spell stuff because that’s just for college students”……….THIS FIELD, NOR THE EDUCATION REQUIRED FOR IT, IS NOT FOR YOU. I can’t count how many people profess the aforementioned, claim they want to pursue MT and ask me for “help”. I understand typos happen, but if your posts are rife with simple misspellings…..then…..

    I’m not sure where the whole “AHDI is a scam” is coming from. Given the seemingly trillions of bootleg, bogus MT schools out there, while AHDI might not have a glowing opinion from every MT…………IT IS STILL THE FIRST SOURCE ANY WOULD-BE MT SHOULD CONSULT FOR OBTAINING A DECENT EDUCATION FOR THIS FIELD.

    Here is what *I* did: Some of the schools in my state called themselves offering MT programs…..what I did was look up the names of AHDI-approved schools, THEN looked at their curricula to compare with the school I was considering. I will tell you that many….MANY failed to measure up. One keyboarding class, a medical terminology class and an English class WILL NOT PREPARE YOU FOR THIS FIELD. Yet many of the colleges in my home state, their entire MT program consisted of 3-4 classes. Please listen to what I am saying.

    Everett Community College offers the Career Step MT program. You can get financial aid, including Pell grants and such, by filling out the FAFSA like you would any other college……because EVCC IS a college. I have yet to see a dissatisfied student from Andrews and M-Tec, either.

    I have 2 more classes to go at EVCC before I graduate, and I will say that if I had not chosen Career Step, I would have chosen one of the other schools approved by AHDI. Due to me being a wife, mother, and full-time mother, it DID take me much longer to finish my education—so I remember when my instructors had to go through the process to get approved by AHDI. Career Step was already approved by AHDI, but EVCC-offering-Career-Step was NOT. And coming straight from my instructors’ mouths…..the process was NOT easy.

    I will say this—be expected to WORK during your education. If the school is any good, the student will be expected to WORK. HARD. The dictations I deal with as a student are real….not canned with a professional narrator.

    As I moved through the quarters, the dictations got more and more difficult. And you are confronted at the beginning of the quarter with a lo-o-o-o-ng list of dictations identified only by a number…you have no idea until you start listening to the file, whether your doctor will have an accent, whether the report is short or pages long; just like a real MT job. Like a real job, you are expected to start at the beginning of the list and work on these reports one after the other through the end of the quarter.

    Anyway, that’s my experience so far. If you’re not willing to do even rudimentary research just to find a good school, this is NOT the field for you.

  89. phr says:

    Addendum: Any school can holler “AHDI” in an attempt to seem legit.

    But when you ACTUALLY VISIT THE REAL, GENUINE AHDI WEBSITE, do you see the school listed?

    Something to think about. Again, rudimentary research…..

  90. Asif says:

    Interesting post really good for students and reserchers

  91. Jo says:

    Hello: I am also interested in knowing if anyone has heard of Med Trans, Inc. out of Phoenix, AZ. If anyone has any information regarding this company, please post it. Thank you.

  92. Susan says:

    I went to an At-Home Professions seminar and have been reading up on becoming an MT. Not much is said (good or bad) about At-Home. I also read about Med Workshops and according to their website they guarantee placement. Has anyone had any experience and/or comments regarding this company? It appears that having a company be affliated with AHDI is highly recommended. Med Workshop’s website states they are a corporate member but AHDI does not list them. Why is that?

  93. Tom Harnish says:

    Call or email AHDI and they’ll tell you if Med Workshop is a member. They may be, but haven’t been listed yet, they may have been at one time and lost their accreditation, or they may just be lying.

  94. Susan says:

    E-mail sent – thank you Tom.

  95. Lenore Gillian says:

    Hello mate, Thanks for this, it’s very informative. I’ll wait for your next post. I’ll be back. :)

  96. Lexy says:

    Hey Tom, from what I’ve read here there doesn’t seem to be much insight on At Home Professions??? Which suprises me considering their claim of being in the MT business for 20 plus years. On their website they claim the AHDI to be one of their affiliates and has the AHDI logo saying “Educational Member”. What is this supposed to mean??? When I go to AHDI’s website they are not listed among the approved schools. I would really appreciate some/any clarity I could get on this, so I can decide whether I want to move forward with them or choose another school. Thanks in advance!

  97. Tom Harnish says:

    Um . . . check my comment 3 before this one?

  98. Lexy says:

    Funny thing…tried calling AHDI today and was hung up on three times in a row before a word was ever spoken….?????…..Not impressed. Guess I’ll try again tomorrow and hopefully encounter someone with a sense of professionalism.
    I was just hoping you had some insight on At-Home Professions and as you stated in the last paragraph of your Scam Alert above:
    “if you want, leave a comment here about a company you’re interested in and we’ll check ‘em out.”
    But no worries though, after all you’re absolutely right! I am more then capable to dig around on my own and I will be happy to share whatever I find with those here, who were inquiring the same.

  99. Alma Camarena says:

    I am highly interested to take the medical transcriptionist classes with Med Trans, Inc in Arizona, is this an ethical school, accredited, and in good standars with AHDI? Is this a good school to study in and is their certification good to study with any other employer Nationwide? I dont want to fall in any scam, can you please help me check? Thanks

  100. Alma Camarena says:

    I am interested to get feedback if anyone has heard if Med Trans Inc is an ethical school and if it offers a good certification? Can you please post here, thank you. I am verifying if this school is not a scam

  101. Ashley says:

    Did you get an answer from AHDI on At Home Professions and whether they are accredited? I was planning on enrolling ASAP and now I am having second thoughts because it doesn’t seem like the job is in demand.

  102. Steve says:

    Hi Tom,

    I´m looking for some real unvarnished truth here before I make the plunge and sign up for an online MT course.

    I´m a 50-something semi-retired American and I live in northeastern Brazil. I have an excellent background in grammar, writing, editing, typing and medical terminology and proceedure. An MT career would be a natural for me for me to supplement my retitrement income.

    I understand that, wage-wise, newbie MTs suffer, no matter which MT school they received their training from. My questions are these:

    Is ANYONE going to hire me after completing my MT training if I work out of my home in Brazil?

    I don´t want to work more than 25 hours a week. Is this feasible given today´s post-training job market reality for MTs?

    Many thanks!


  103. Tom Harnish says:

    I’d say yes and yes, Steve, but I’m no expert on the MT field. Ask the same question at and see what they say.

    The bigger issue will be can you make an adequate income working just 25 hours a week. ‘Course if it’s supplemental income that’s not a worry.

  104. MT Queen says:

    I have heard of Med Trans, Inc. out of Arizona. They are WONDERFUL!!! The hire you once you complete there training if you score high enough on the final. And then will reimburse you for the cost of the course if you stay employed in a full time capacity after 6 months. I agree with what people are stating about AHDI. They are not regulated by any entity. Programs like Career Step, Penn Foster, At Home Professions PAY to keep themselves updated on THAT website. I think it does hold more weight that a company is registered with the BBB. You can see how they have handled upset customers within the last 36 months. If you are looking for a good education in transcription I think Med Trans, Inc. is one of the best out there.

  105. Tom Harnish says:

    Well, Danielle, you just told us everything we need to know about Med Trans. Or more to the point what you didn’t tell us says a whole lot about you and about the company.

    It’s dishonest at best, and immoral at worst, not to reveal that your name appears on hundreds of Med Trans ads as the point of contact. “I’ve heard of Med Trans” is as deceptive as a lie. You attempt to deceive readers into thinking you’re an unbiased source, which you clearly are not. That Med Trans allows such deception in an attempt to take people’s money tells us a whole lot about their ethics and the kind of experience someone is likely to have as a “student” at Med Trans, too.

    You also reveal your ignorance, or further dishonesty, when you disparage ADHI. “They’re not regulated by anyone?” They are the regulators! AHDI is a “professional association that speaks for over 100,000 healthcare documentation specialists, trained and credentialed professionals who are experts in medical language and the real‐ world practice of medicine.” They have clear guidelines for MT school approval, and for both school and student certification. It’s revealing that ADHI’s list of MT school, including several who are not members, does not include Med Trans. Why is that? (BTW, companies have to pay to be members of the BBB too.)

    Way down at the bottom of your ads, misleadingly posted as a job offering, past a whole lot of white space designed to keep it from inquiring eyes, we find this: “Purchasing the “Medical Transcription Made Easy” Home Study Course does not guarantee employment with Med Trans, Inc. Or any other medical transcription service organization.

    Thank you, Danielle, you’ve clearly told everyone what they need to know about Med Trans.

  106. MT Queen says:

    I am not dishonest in the least. It has been my experience that they are nothing but HONEST and a good company. This is a forum for people to leave their personal opinions. And it is obvious that you live to talk about what you clearly don’t know. What are your credentials exactly? The only reason I posted anything about this company in the first place is that 3 people had asked if YOU had heard of them and YOU never responded. This isn’t the first time you have been rude to fellow typers on here. And if anyone has their wits about them they would know not to listen to such a self-centered individual. Again though, AHDI is an organization that was FORMED, they have done WONDERFUL things in making sure MT’s are paid fairly. But, they do nothing to regulate who markets themselves on there website.

  107. Tom Harnish says:

    I don’t need any special credentials to spot a liar. And there’s nothing rude about revealing that you are attempting to deceive people here.

  108. Chris says:

    In my opinion, having been a transcriptionist for 33 years, I have seen and heard a lot, and in reading the posts on this site, I think it is a pretty nice site for people to get and give information. I do think, however, that a lot of people (including those that have repeatedly asked questions about MedTrans, Inc) who have asked questions about information should have had the knowledge to at least attempt to look some of this information up on their own before asking Tom or anyone else to look it up for them, especially if they are planning on being a transcriptionist, as that is about 50% of your job, being able to find things, the name of a procedure, the spelling of a word, the right medication, the right dosage of a medication, etc, so if you can’t at least try to find information about the job itself, then you may want to consider another type of work. You have to be willing to do the research, because that is what you will need to be able to do for the job!

    As for the MT Queen, maybe dishonest isn’t the right word for what you tried to do, how about unfair, deceitful, fraudulent, corrupt, mendacious…….the list could go on but I won’t bother as I am sure you get the message! These people who want information are serious; they are looking for help with finding a way to support themselves and their families, this is not a joke. Did you think you were being clever by posting your little blurb? But then again, you did these people a favor, as Tom said, you gave them, and anyone else who sees this on this site, a good look at just what kind of a company you really are, one who would stoop to such a deceitful, immoral tactic as to pretend to be someone who was happy with the company when instead you are nothing but an unscrupulous proponent of this company who would obviously stoop to who knows what immoral action to pull the wool over these people’s eyes and take their money. In my opinion you have definitely shown what kind of company you represent who would advocate such actions and it definitely would not be one that I would want to throw away my money on! Good luck to those of you who are looking for schooling and work in this profession. If it is in your heart to do this work, and you are willing to work hard, and you go to a reputable school, one that is approved by the AHDI, it is an excellent profession to be in and one that will support you and your family for many years to come, but please be careful where you put your trust and your money. Do the leg work before you jump into something that turns out to be bad news. There are good schools and this is a good profession. The best of luck to everyone!

  109. RLB says:

    I’ve had a good time reading the posts. I’ve looked into the At Home Profession course offered by U.S. Career Institute; the counselor I talked to said that they where not on the AHDI list because AHDI requires the school to solely use the their curriculum. I’ve also researched Penn Foster.

    I called a local hospital where I live and the Lady I talked to in the transcription department said the field is changing more into editing than transcribing but average transcibers are aging and will be retiring. She also said that technology is changing but that there is a demand for it. She directed me to my local community college which is very reputable but THEY are not on the AHDI list; the instructor I talked to said that they have very stringent requirements and that they are currently working on trying to get on that list. She also said that they have no problem hiring people from the community college who go through the Medical Transcriptionist Course.

    One other note U.S. Career Institute has a Medical Transcription course for about $1200.00 but the At Home Professions is about $2500.00 because it is a more comprehensive.

    I haven’t decided yet where I want to go if at all; because like everybody else money is a concern for our family right now.

    I have also found that, yes, there are SCAMS out there; but it really is what you put into it and are you really willing to work for it?

  110. RLB says:

    One other thing I found out from my local community college is that these credits will not transfer because my local community college is Regionally Accredited and most of the online schools are Nationally Accredited. I read the list of schools from the AHDI website to her and some where transferrable and some not. She, however, did state that you could enroll in the community college and if you thought you had enough experience in the course curriculam that you could talk to the instructor and agree on doing a test that the instructor decides upon to see if you can “OPT OUT” of the course and you would get credit on your transcipt because you successfully passed it.

    An example of what I mean like say you decided to enroll in a Medical Billing and Coding class and felt that you could test out of the terminology part you could take a final for that class prepared by the instructor and if you needed a 75 or better to pass and you did then you wouldn’t have to take the terminology part of the course because you tested out.

  111. Cynthia Greene says:

    I had left a comment awhile back asking if anyone knew of work for transcriptionists still in school. I am enrolled in the Med Trans program and am almost finished but would like some side work. Please let me know.

  112. DIana says:

    I have recently enrolled in At-Home profession and love the courses. I am flying through them only because I have previous experience in the medical field. I used to work for the local school district and knew one of my parents who finished with this school and was able to get a job right away. I guess my main statement and question is is there some facts about this school not being a good school or their credentials will not help me get a job. I am enjoying doing the classes and have only been enrolled 2 months and already on the 3rd course. Anyone have some personal experience with this school?

  113. Tom Harnish says:

    There are several references here to At-Home Professions course. The only negative one was last November 23rd. Did you read that?

  114. kate says:

    Not often you can find such affecting blog. Good job mate. Wish you best luck with your website

  115. ARoberts says:

    I tried CareerStep and would NOT recommend them to anyone! Their course was simply a waste of my time and money! I completed each course with great grades but when it came time to take the final exam (which you are allowed to use notes and take as much time as needed) you cannot pass! I made sure EVERY ONE of my answers were looked up and correct but for some reason I still did not pass. Personally, I think they are a scam.

  116. Marla says:

    I can’t type 100 wpm, but am a pretty fast typist. I also have a lot of transcription experience through clerical jobs, including legal. I am good with languages and have an English degree. I am very interested in medical transcription because I want a legitimate work at home job, and the medical field is booming. Do I honestly have a chance in this field if I can’t type 100 wpm? I was interested in Penn Foster for a MT course-but I don’t want to be ripped off. Do you know if Penn Foster’s MT courses are legitimate and good? Thanks for your help.

  117. Anna Tuy says:

    I just started my training at home. The training is offered through Med and the site is I am a little freaked out after reading all of this. Has anyone went through them for training and found work after getting their certificate?

  118. Tom Harnish says:

    Check and read this:

  119. nas waltz says:

    None or very few sites list the cost of their MT courses. It would be nice if there were a Consumer-Reports-like matrix comparing the schools, their costs, terms of payment, materials and support, as well as pass-fail rate and average completion time. Final pronouncement: Employment success post-completion. One school I attended signed student up with job placement companies and deemed them as successfully employed, which we were not!

  120. Joann says:

    I took the Med Trans program. For me personally it was great. I would be happy to be a reference to those that are weary out there about it. Tom, thank you for having such a great blog that has real people and real thoughts on it. Hard to come by these days.

  121. Karen says:

    I have been looking at Med Workshops training program. They say they have an internship program and also job placement, so that sounded really good to me. I noticed on their site that they say they are an AHDI Corporate Member. So, I called AHDI and asked what this would mean regarding their training program. I was told that saying they are a corporate member only means that their company is a member and pays their annual dues. It does not mean that their educational program is approved by the AHDI. I was also told, If it’s not on their list, then it’s not approved. Hope this helps someone, it did me!

  122. Tom Harnish says:

    You’re going to make a great MT, I predict! Good job picking out the nuance between ADHI ‘member” and ADHI “approved”. Big difference, as you describe.

  123. Tom Harnish says:

    If you had taken the Med Trans course “Joann” you’d know the word is leery not weary. Still a shill for them, eh?

  124. trixie61 says:

    Marla…you don’t need to type 100wpm. Much of the work is voice recognition [VR] editing these days. You just need a good ear, good grammar, a grasp of medical terminology, slang and excellent/fast search skills. Typing speed can (and should be) aided with the use of macros.

    I’m a Career Step honors grad (Sept 2010) and got a job less than 24 hours after sending out 4 online apps. There are many companies that will hire w/o 2 years experience if you are a CS grad (honors or high honors preferred and CS provides a HUGE list of employers and their requirements). My biggest disappointment is the pay. It in no way, shape or form can I pay my bills. (2.5 cpl [cents per line] for VR editing and 6cpl for standard transcription). I am getting faster and more confident in my work, which helps, but I also have a main account with predominantly ESL doctors. I struggle to make minimum wage most of the time. I am happy with my CS education, but I’m not sure if becoming an MT was a great “career” move, financially. That’s my 2 (.5) cents, anyhoo. :-)

  125. Jeff says:

    Hi Tom. Have you heard back from Ben posted July 12th of last year? My wife has completed the Athome Professions course just last week. Now just over the weekend we have discovered that they are not an AHDI approved school. I take responsibility for not doing my homework before agreeing with her to take the course(I had no knowledge of the MT field before going to the seminar with her.) The next week or two will be interesting to see what happens, but I wonder if you know how the career ventures of recent AtHome Professions grads have turned out. She is scheduled to take the AHDI test this week to become registered, but now she is even worried that the material she has been working on the past 9 months won’t be the same. I will say that she has enjoyed the course well enough and appreciated the customer service of the school… but that is not the main goal of spending two grand, right?

  126. tailspin45 says:

    Nope, haven’t heard back. Sent an email, but haven’t received a response. Will post something here when I do, or perhaps they will.

  127. Jeff says:

    Little update about our situation… she took the adhi exam and did not pass. There was quite a bit that the material from athome professions and the westin or wesson or whatever distance learning didn’t even cover. Athome professions is telling her that she can still get work and that being registered with the adhi isn’t absolutely important…. we will see. She has put together a resume with some previous managerial experience so we are hoping for the best.

  128. Joann says:

    You can have her apply with MedQuist. I heard they are hiring. Hope that helps!

  129. Rebecca says:

    Also looked into AHP, also was awarded a scholarship from them for $1000 making the course $1500 for me. I still have not decided but was trying to research before I accepted. My funds are extremely limited. I mean extremely. Even with the scholarship I am not sure I can afford this. I also need at least part time work, at home is a necessity and due to my age and work history (not much all have passed on who could vouch for me) I was believing that AHP would be a great opportunity. Several months ago a friend at church helped a couple of us with terminology, which was pretty easy for me, when I asked her a few weeks ago, here she had received training from AHP and a job now 8 years. Yet I still need to decide where to put my money, without the AHDI I need to research more. I don’t know how long they will hold the scholarship. I need to call 8-22-11, Monday.
    I did talk to my Dr.s office, their transcriptionist’s friend also went to AHP. Isn’t it a shame that those of us in the Good Ol’e USA who just want to educate themselves, work for a reliable employer and make a living, even moderate has to be so leary?

  130. Jeff says:

    Hey Rebecca. Sorry I haven’t posted sooner… I am really hoping you haven’t went with AHP yet. That scholarship doesnt surprise me… they will also take off one hundred dollars for your good grades and then %20 more for “paying off early” so you will only have $1100 in a certificate that isnt what the employers are looking for.

  131. Scam Alert from Undress4Success « Medical Transcription Training Scams says:

    [...]  [...]

  132. Annette says:

    “trixie61″ on July 18, 2011 at 10:26 am–I can very much identify with what you wrote. I hope that the earnest people who have posted in their quest to get their money’s worth by way of medical transcription courses will read your post well. I have been transcribing, with a few breaks, for 10 total years. IT IS NOT EASY MONEY. I am full-time employee and the company for which I work does offer a good benefits package, but I am paid the stagnant wage of 7 cents a line. Because of the inconsistent nature of the dictations that come my way, I am lucky if I gross $10.00 per hour. It is disheartening, to say the least, but it is reality.

    I advise any person considering this field to linger long on the posts to the “groaning board” of MT to see what transcriptionists have to say about their jobs. Granted, many of the posts may be written by people who are just plain negative in their views of the world, but the common thread is low pay, running out of work, and the lack of hope that medical transcription will be a field that “turns around” and pays hard-working transcriptionists the 12 cents a line one woman described as her pay some 15 years ago. Things changed considerably, from what the MT Stars posters say, when MTSOs began outsourcing work to countries where labor was cheaper. I get the sense that aggressive offshoring has led to a permanent wage depression and still scratch my head that, with all the nuances of the English language and the frequent use of parochial terms to describe demographics, transcriptionists in Asia can do this complex work. They must be giants.

    As for me, I do my job because, like many, I don’t like to pay for gas for a daily trip to a job and, umm, I have a liking for victuals. I am also going for graduate studies; the medical terminology alone has been a boon to me in what I am pursuing for a REAL career. It is a fight, though. I troll the Internet to get tips on dealing with stress, as the job is extraordinarily stressful. The very present and very bitter irony of pay-for-production medical transcription work is that the harder the report is to transcribe, the less you will be paid for it.

    Anyway, the best of luck to all of you, I mean that with all my heart, but do know that you will be working very, very hard and your pay will not reflect the effort you make to be accurate, thorough, and to doggedly research to make sure you have transcribed correctly. It is a VERY difficult job–but then again, this is an even more difficult world in which to make a living. Good luck.

  133. Kary says:

    Hi Tom–Just wanted to say this is a very informative site!!

    I was in the medical transcription industry for over 18 years until my job was outsourced. I worked at home for a hospital until the whole department was outsourced to an American company, who promptly shipped off 90% of the work to India.

    We were offered jobs at the new company. I was making 14 cents a line at the hospital and they offered me 8 cents a line (and that was including a shift differential). They also offered health insurance which was $600 more a month for 2 people (with less coverage). In the end I would have made about what I would make working at Wal-Mart. Couple that with constantly needing to keep up with the profession, and it was not worth what I was paid to do the job.

    Potential MTs definitely need to do their homework. I would not take advice from someone who is still taking a course–the proof of whether a course is a good one is based on results. I am sure they learned a lot in the course, BUT was it enough to be able get a job, do the work, and make a decent living?

    There are schools out there that have good reputations, but you have to do your homework. The secret to medical transcription is not knowing everything (because you never will–you will learn something new every day) but knowing where to find the correct information.

    Also, you must have an excellent command of English grammar and punctuation. I have done quality control in the past and this can be a bigger problem for MTs than the medical terminology. There are a couple of schools (and they have excellent reputations) that require that you take a pre-entrance exam. If they find your grammar and punctuation skills are not up to par they will not allow you to enroll. They also will suggest references to improve your skills. I admire those schools because they really want you to succeed and it’s not all about getting your tuition dollars.

    Another important reference that should be addressed in any course is the AHDI Book of Style. The majority of transcription services (especially the larger ones) use this reference as their style guide so learning it is imperative. All MTs, regardless of experience, should have a working knowledge of this reference.

    The newbies don’t remember the “gravy days” of transcription–when I started out (1992) the overflow MT at my hospital made 12 cents a GROSS line (that means if you just had the date on a line you got 12 cents). Now I see a lot of people making 6 cents a line and even less for voice recognition editing. In addition, you have to meet minimal hourly line counts, so you are constantly under the gun.

    Not everyone can do this work (it certainly is not just about having a computer and being able to type) but the pay rates do not reflect that these days.

    Again, great information here–hope I was able to add to the conversation!

  134. Britteny says:

    I am currently going to school to be an MT at Everett Community College they use their program and also use career step as like bookwork. Financial aide also funds for this course. It is all online but fast paced. I love it and have learned so much. It is a 9-12 month course. I am currently in my 2nd quarter. Check it out at!

  135. Mary Jo says:

    I did take the med transcription (A to Z Transcription, Arizona). I completed the whole course and sent back 750 pages (by snail mail which is required by them). She proofread about 10% of it and said I had to do the whole thing over again because of my lack of English skills. I told her I thought that was very unfair and would she consider proofing 50 pages at a time so I could actually understand what she was talking about. We had a lot of back and forth but basically she REFUSED to help me AT ALL and also would not even give me a letter saying that I did complete the course. I actually do have a transcription job now (no thanks to them) and, apparently, there is not a thing wrong with my English skills. Please don’t purchase her program!

    I should have known there was something wrong when I received the training program and there were SEVERAL typos and poor “English skills” on the cover letter!

  136. Patricia says:

    They say I am hired and all I have to do is take their testing. They are trying to sell me software so I can take the testing and they say they are sure I will pass and will only have to train for 1 month based on my resume. They call themselves Nationwide Healthcare Employment.

  137. tailspin45 says:

    I assume you’ve googled to find out what other people say about NHCE. I found a bunch of pissed of people, for example here.

    A typical scam is that someone says you have a job but have to buy software, but it turns out be junk. You complain, they refuse to refund your money, but offer to upgrade to a professional software package (often with ‘required’ hardware such as start/stop pedal). So you go for the upgrade to avoid losing your prior investment, but the new stuff is barely adequate and actually not that useful. You complain again and they refuse to talk with you or refund your money.

  138. Dkcares4U says:

    Arkansas Rehab Services paid for me to take the (most expensive) M-TEC course, but after my mother passed away, then Dad needed help, plus I was working two full-time jobs, I just couldn’t keep up. They let me take ONLY one Leave of Absence, out of the three allowed. They have deadlines for assignments that I could not make, and showed no mercy. They will let me reenlist for $2800. But here is the reason why I won’t do that. I have found that I didn’t like the idea of working for multiple doctors online, and that’s what they prepare you for. Do you know how hard it is to understand strangers? Especially doctors who use medical terms they went to school and worked to know? So, if I ever go back to MT school I will focus on working for only one physician [deleted ad]. She said she just loves it! I think it would help to go to a Community College for training though. Plus, a Pell Grant paying your way would be smart, especially when you realize you’re never going to get fast enough to get rich as an MT! M-TEC sent me a list of employers. A lady I met at the Beauty Shop told me that she and all MTs go back to Med-Quest to work, once they find out how hard it is out there without them. Word to the Wise here. Thank you for all of the posts. I’ve read each one.

  139. Daisy says:

    I saw so many comments on At-Home Professions not being AHDI affiliated, but it is. It is on their website and on their information they give out. I don’t know why several including Jeff says they are not, but they are. I can only assume “he” is trying to steer people to another program.

  140. tailspin45 says:

    They do not meet approval criteria for medical transcription according to ADHI.;wap2

  141. Kim says:

    I took the CareerStep online MT course and found a job 20 days after graduating with Honors. There are over 100 companies that will hire CS grads and ONLY CS grads. A friend of mine graduated from the CAI course and cannot find a job ~ CAI is NOT an accredited school. Unfortunately, not one single MT company will look at her resume. I HIGHLY recommend CareerStep. I am currently and IC for 2 different companies. I do VR editing and straight typing at both companies and their platforms are EMR compatible.

  142. Jack Ryan says:

    Regarding At-Home Professionals’ Medical Transcription course: I’ve been gathering customer reviews and feedback info before I decide to invest my money and enroll in their program. Here’s my question:

    Although I haven’t noticed any posters on this site making mention of any specific dollar amount that they’ve invested in completing AHP’s course, I have noticed posters at other watchdog sites referencing sums of investment money that are north of $2,000.

    What’s up with that? … Since AHP’s website lists a tuition/purchase cost of $499.00, I am now a bit concerned and confused as what the REAL $ investment is — just to complete the course.

    A reply from anyone on this specifc issue will be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

  143. tailspin45 says:

    You also are paid for referrals as the URL you included, and we removed, proves. Sure ruins your credibility.

  144. Cheryl says:

    At Home should be ashamed of themselves! They promise you that you will find a job, blah, blah, blah. Gave me some typing software; I already know how to type. They are pigs for what they charge for tuition; I’ve found courses that are far more cheaper. To top it off, At Home is also on the Ripoff Report so stay as far away from At Home as you can! I had thought about using them as training but since they are on the ripoff report, I’ve hung their course up and really do not want to be a MT.

  145. Dana says:

    Regarding the tuition cost of At Home Professions, it is $499 per course and there are five courses. I’m in the first course and with all the negativity, I’m wondering if I made a bad choice.

  146. brittany says:

    hello i am going to start the at home professions program. i do feel it is legitimate because it is on BBB as a online education type of business and they have an A+ on BBB. Also i am going to have my course payed for by my fathers GI Bill. only accredited schools can be payed for that way. they may not be in the AHDI because they may not have asked them to be put on there they do have to sign up for that in order to get that type of accreditation. but as for being an accredited school it is. i will be starting my lessons soon and will get back to you on how it is.i have 2 children and am not working so my expierience could be different than others but i will try to report any thing i can. also on BBB it showed two places with the same name the other is not accredited and is is listed as advertising and marketing so be careful what one you look for. any one can write a program and sell it. it is not illegal to do that so they could be the scam program. the legit one that is the school has the website at-homeprofessions dot com the other has no – so be careful. also the at home professions website prefers that you attend a seminar before you buy or apply. i hope this helps if i find anything else out about it ill post. also ill keep you up dated on my experience with it.

  147. tailspin45 says:

    Keep in mind that your Dad has to have reached his tenth anniversary as service member before he can let you use his GI Bill benefit.

    At Home-Professions Better Business Bureau standing really is no indication of how suitable the company is for training you to succeed as an MT. Unless they have a horrible record, of course. But there are companies that simply change their name when the have a bad BBB reputation. To be clear, I’m not suggestion At-Home Professions has down any such thing.

    If you can’t type very fast without errors, and if you can’t spell correctly, use proper grammar, and correctly punctuation what you write, you’re going to have a tough time making money as a Medical Transcriptionist. A good way to practice is to make sure everything your write is impeccable.

    That said, we’d be delighted to have you as a guest writer, Brittany, if you like to send periodic updates on your MT training and employment experience. That would be a terrific service to others considering similar training and employment.

  148. angeline says:

    hello i was checking out a school called cai medical transcription school…and i just wanted to know how the school was and its reputation. they seem to have a good and affordable program but how can i be sure its not a scam? please help meout! thank you!

  149. tailspin45 says:

    In August of 2010 someone else asked about CAI. Here’s what we told them (you can read the original above, and a quick search—something you’ll have to get very good at—would have revealed it):

    Well, they aren’t AHDI approved for starters. And the website looks very homemade to me. If the organization can’t afford to have a quality website built for them, do they have the resource to provide a quality product? Granted the opposite is true, too; a few bucks can buy a snazzy website, and that certainly doesn’t make them a quality outfit.

    I guess what I’d do is call several MTSOs and ask their HR folks if you came to them after completing the CAI course would they hire you. Make it clear you’re not asking for a job, just looking for a sense of what it takes to get hired these days.

  150. sreevighnesh says:

    A firm called itrans in Kerala [state] India is offering a six months coarse in medical transcription.The fee they are asking is 17000,INR.They are also offering placements after the training.How should i know wether this institution is a fake or not?Does medical transcriptioning require a worlrd wide valid certificate , what should it be then? Am in an utter confusion about the coarse.can u help me,through a proper advice?

  151. tailspin45 says:

    As suggested elsewhere here, try calling several companies that do medical transcription and ask what they think of iTrans, and if they’d hire you if you’re an iTrans graduate. That will tell you something both about the iTran’s reputation and the state of the MT job market in your country. AS far as I know, no certificate is required to find work as an MT, at least not in this country. Go here for more on certification.

    A word of warning: excellent, error free, typing skills and impeccable grammar and spelling are prerequisites for success as an MT, along with a talent for web searching to find information including words and concepts you may not know when they crop up. You’re paid a by the word, so if you type or search online slowly you’ll have a hard time making any real money.

  152. Sally Robinson says:

    Do u know if At Home Professions is legitimate

  153. wanna-be MT says:

    In reading the posts in their entirety, I received a great deal of useful information and would like to thank everyone for their input…good and bad!!

    I am in the process of choosing a school that I can complete the MT program online. I have been all over the AHDI website and on the phone with schools for the last week doing research and figuring out tuition, externship programs, job placement opportunities and length of courses.

    A couple of the schools that I was considering have been mentioned on this website and luckily have been the ones with positive comments. However, I was also considering American Healthcare Documentation Professionals Group (AHDPG for short) and spoke with a representative today. But I have seen no mention of their program in this discussion (unless I missed it entirely). I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this school and if they are reputable. They are listed on the AHDI website as one of their approved schools but as with anyone “selling” anything, their representatives rave about it. I would like some personal input if anyone has any.

    Thanks for your help!!

  154. tailspin45 says:

    Have you joined and rummaged around They seem to be good folks just like you, and I suspect you’ll find help there. Oodles of opinions and vast experience levels from noobs to retirees.

  155. Anonymous says:

    Hello. Earlier in the year I did research via phone and reading blog after blog, chat room after chat room. I was told that medical transcription is not a hireable field any longer because of voice recognition and outsourcing. Why are people still paying for education in this field?

    I decided to get educated for medical coding instead because a human will always have to think in order to process the chart information. I’ve started training through AHIMA who is the main association responsible for choosing accredited schools. My problem is that just in the Anatomy & Physiology pre-requisite course alone, I’ve found soooooo many errors that I’m wondering if I should continue.

    First of all, they are THE company (besides AAPC) that you are required to be licensed through for most jobs. Secondly, the entire program costs over $4,000.

    I’ve been emailing them all of the errors and problems I’ve been finding and asking them in EVERY email to please have someone go through ahead of me and proof everything, but to no avail. They just keep emailing me back saying there was “formatting” errors or something similar, and that I keep sending them what I find wrong.

    I am NOT paying them to proof their material. I am paying them to learn, which I find EXTREMELY difficult with these issues.

    How do you handle a situation such as this? I chose them because of their status and they teach a wider array of information than AAPC (inpatient and outpatient).

    Your answers and opinions, please. Thank you in advance.

  156. tailspin45 says:

    You aren’t the only one with this experience. Take a look at this.

  157. Deneane Knobel says:

    Sorry to be dense, but I can’t seem to find any reviews or information about the credibility of learn2workathome. This probably isn’t a good sign. Before I plunk down my money, what do you think?

  158. tailspin45 says:

    Take a look at and specifically is a Med Trans site, and people don’t seem to have much to say about them that’s good.

    There is mention earlier in this comment series about them, too. A key skill of an MT, by the way, is fast, accurate searching.

  159. Mary says:

    I am looking into a career in MT and have been researching Career Step — looks promising. Is the posted wage of $15-$17 an hour the average or is it pretty much the steady wage? I am looking to change from direct patient care as an LPN to at home work and will be giving up a chunk of change. What is the high range for MT work at home?

  160. tailspin45 says:

    According the US Bureau of Labor Statistics the 2010 median annual wage of medical transcriptionists was $32,900.

    But your income will be based on production, which is a combination of skill and knowledge.

    A survey of over 1600 transcriptionists revealed an equivalent hour rate between $9.92 and $19.60 or $19,347 to $42,162 a year.

  161. Frannie Fargo says:

    I have been a Medical Transcriptionist since 1978. ADHI is King of the Scammers.

  162. Samantha Brown says:

    It says they (ahpseminars) are accredited by the better business bureau but how do I know if its legitemate? I did some research on them and all I found was people talking about it on yahoo answers. None of them knew anything about that program but suggested some of the other programs that you talked about, such as M-Tech. I have two kids and would like to work at my own pace, at home. So I am trying to find the best program for myself, and doesn’t cost a fortune. AHP offers a payment program of $55 a month until its paid off, with no interest. And they guarantee you a job in 6 months from the time of completing the (6-18 month) program, or they refund you everything you paid for it. It sounds very realistic but after reading your article on scams , I am skeptical. Can you help me?

  163. tailspin45 says:

    Better Business Approval only means that they’ve paid a fee to be a member, and BBB doesn’t accredit anything. If you can’t find anything about them I’df say stay away. Promises of work and refunds are typical of scammers. Visit and rummage around there. Keep in mind that transcription requires knowledge, skill, and dedication to make a reasonable amount of money.

  164. tailspin45 says:

    Care to explain why you think so? Making unsubstantiated accusations says more about you than ADHI.

  165. Jeanne K says:

    I should of done my homework. Found this Blog very interesting. I signed up with At Home Professionals and am Finishing Course 2, Course 3 is here ready for me. I’ve learned from this blog about the voice recognition taking over and how much people really make. I have copied and saved places to put my resume in from this blog, but am seriously thinking about quitting this and going to medical coding and billing through Career Step, because this is all scaring me.
    I will be $1500 down and lost if so. Any inputs?

  166. tailspin45 says:

    I’d go rummage around and ask the folks there what they think. But keep in mind that what you have learned is something you’ll always have. Good for you for making the effort!

  167. Lisa says:

    I just signed up with At-Home Professions.
    Have you heard anything on this school?

  168. tailspin45 says:

    Lisa, there are 14 references to At-Home Professions here. A key capability for a transcriptionist is the ability to do research. Try reading what’s here, at least.

  169. Sally Bowden says:

    Is M.Model a real company. They are advertising MT jobs from home. I received the notice from “Today’s Jobs Chosen for You” in an email.

  170. tailspin45 says:

    Visit It appears to be a real company…but they may not be, in any way, related to whoever sent you “Today’s Jobs Chosen For You.” Check it out very carefully.

    Did you try a web search first, yourself? That’s a crucial skill for transcriptionists. So is good punctuation.

  171. Deanna says:

    Hi…I’m from British Columbia and I have been researching programs for MTs. Would I try and stay with programs in my province or Canada or does it matter for training when you look for employment? I plan on working out of my home but am not sure where I would find a list of companies that employ MTs in BC or Canada? Any suggestions?

  172. tailspin45 says:

    I don’t hink it matters to an employer what course you take, as long as it’s a good one and you learn the skills necessary to be a productive MT. Google is your friend when it comes to finding transcription companiers that employ Canadians. There probably are some legal and tax issues. Why don’t you write to a couple of the big companies and ask?

  173. Sharnell Dramane says:

    I would like to know if this company is legit. Also, if any of their former students had any complaints in regards to gaining employment after training or any other issues.

  174. tailspin45 says:

    The are several mentions of FutureMT in the comments here. For example, take a look at the comment on January 19, 2009 at 10:05 pm. Did you do a search on this page? If your aren’t able or willing to do that minimum level or research you probably aren’t cut out to be an MT which involves looking up a lot of crucial details.

  175. Adie says:

    Does anyone know anything about Med Trans Inc?

  176. LookingintoMT says:

    This blog has been an eye opener for sure. Really – 2.5 cpl for VR editing. I think McDonalds pays more than that.

  177. indamine says:

    I am so glad I found this site…I was about to shell out for a school that wasn’t ADHI-approved. About CareerStep: I didn’t enroll because I got skittish about the people they said I had to take a loan from. I was having trouble submitting an online application, so I called their customer service number. The phone rang a few times and then hung up on me. When I called CareerStep, they told me I must have had the wrong number! Later the loan company sent me two rejections, one for not having a high enough credit score–complete b.s.–and one for not having a completed application, which was correct, since I gave up. I am going to try another school and be very careful about funding sources.

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