New ViaSat Service Lets You Work Anywhere

My brother-in-law lives in New Jersey, so far from civilization the UPS driver asked if he was in a witness protection program. In fact, he’s so far out in the sticks he’s lucky to have electricity, nevermind broadband service.

If you live out in the boondocks you’ve probably looked into satellite Internet service, as he did. But what you (and he) found was expensive and slow, right?

Not anymore. ViaSat’s new Excede satellite broadband services will do just that—exceed your expectations. Now you can work online from almost anywhere.

You can get fast 12Mbs download service for as low as $50 a month. That gets you 7.5 Gb of download volume a month, or about 40,000 emails without attachments, 6000 emails with attachments, 16000 web pages, or 800 minutes of streaming video. More or less. And you can also have all-you-can-eat downloads from midnight to 5am that won’t count as part of your data usage.

Forty thousand emails not enough? You can have twice that (15Gb) for $80/mo or 25Gb for $130/mo—and you still get the free data usage from midnight to 5am.

Incidentally, if you need high speed Internet access in your business jet or if you own an airliner Excede In-flight can help you out too. They have the first service that guarantees 12Mbs to every seat. JetBlue is already offering it.

And get this, the ViaSat-1 satellite has more capacity than all other communications satellites combined. So if you need high speed data on a ship or yacht, a TV news van, or a fire truck they’ve got you covered. Literally.

I’ve got a new tag line for them: Think Of The Possibilities

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Top Industries and Careers for Work At Home Jobs

Substantial growth in telecommuting jobs over the last five years means that work from home jobs almost definitely exist in your career field.

Most people, when they hear about working from home, like the idea but aren’t sure how it could actually work for them. There are so many questions – are work from home jobs available in my career field? How do I find out what telecommuting jobs are available?

To figure out what jobs exist and how you can transition your career into telecommuting, let’s take a look at the top five industries for telecommuting jobs. The Flexible Jobs Index (FJI) is a monthly report that details the state of the flexible job market, including telecommuting and work at home jobs.

According to the September 2012 FJI just released, the following five fields have the most openings for flexible jobs. To give you an idea of what’s available , we’ve taken a look at some of the most common telecommuting jobs listed within each category. You can learn more about each job by just clicking its link—but there are lots more  at FlexJobs if these aren’t what you’re looking for.

Medical & Health

  • Medicare Sales Representative: Duties include making presentations, building book of business, working at health fairs and developing broker relationships.
  • Utilization Management Nurse: Licensed RN with managed care experience will review proposed medical services and plans of care and determine if medically necessary and appropriate.
  • Health Education Specialist, Senior: Provide consultation services for wellness programs and oversee program development and planning.

Customer Service

  • Customer Service Associate: The Customer Service Associate will work for healthcare organization conducting customer service activities on a full time schedule.
  • Travel Counselor: Coordinate business travel arrangements for corporate clients. Provide counseling to clients on efficient and cost effective routes, fares/exchange rates and visa/passport requirements.
  • Tech Support Technician I: Duties include troubleshooting/resolving customer issues and providing product/service information.


  • Administrative Assistant: Manage bookkeeping, make deposits, reconcile charges, take meeting minutes, manage emails & voicemails, track contributions, and other duties.
  • Scheduler: The PRN Scheduler will perform scheduling activities for patient tests, admissions, and authorizations while providing excellent customer services
  • Executive Assistant: Educational nonprofit seeking an individual to perform administrative duties/support & provide personal assistant support to the Executive Director.

Education & Training

  • Curriculum Developers: Part-time Curriculum Developers are needed to analyze discipline needs, gather data, develop curriculum outlines, and propose design tools for the discipline.
  • Science Teacher: Teach basic science related courses to students in grades 9-12.
  • Early Childhood Development Instructor: Part time virtual instructor position open to candidates with an advanced degree in Education and prior professional and teaching experience.


  • Sales Executive: Will be responsible for supporting new and existing insurance members while working full time and telecommuting from home.
  • Manager, Business Development: B2B sales hunter will use cold calling, prospecting, networking and relationship building to generate new business opportunities.
  • Inbound Sales and Care Representative: Duties include taking inbound calls & selling products/services.

While this overview provides a good idea of what’s available in the top five flexible job industries, there are over 50 job categories to browse at FlexJobs, so to find the type of telecommuting job you’re looking for, take a look at the new jobs posted every day in these 50 job categories.

Brie Weiler Reynolds wrote this guest post. She’s the Content and Social Media Manager at FlexJobs, the award-winning site for telecommuting and flexible job listings, and a former career advisor. At FlexJobs, Brie offers job seekers career and work-life balance advice through the FlexJobs Blog and social media.

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Transcription Jobs Scam

GMR Transcription posted a comment here that they’re looking for transcriptionists who can work from home.

Maybe, maybe not.

There’s a whole thread of comments on a forum about GMR being a scam.

Watch out for GMR Transcription. They say they hire transcriptionists. You transcribe a sample audio and then they immediately send it back and say you made several errors, yet they will not let you see the corrections! Then right below that message, there is a place you can click on to “become a certified transcriptionist.” That leads you to a site where you can PAY for a course in transcription. I have been transcribing for major companies for 30 plus years. I have a bachelor’s degree in business. Yet my sample was immediately turned down by them. I hate to see these scams out there when people need jobs so badly. It’s just not fair. I wish we could stop them.

Read the rest for yourself at


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More work at home jobs opening up in 2012

There’s good news if you want to work at home. According to SHRM (that’s Sherm, as in the Society for Human Resource Management), more flexible workplace programs and policies are being deployed that allow telecommuting, flexible work hours, compressed workweeks, phased retirement and other practices that allow people like you to better manage work, leisure and family responsibilities.

Are businesses doing this out of the goodness of their little pea-pickin’ pin-stripped hearts? Heck no. Our research shows there’s all kinds of savings for employers, employees, and their community—even the world. But employers like the idea because it’s a good business strategy.

Staples Advantages, the business-to-business division of Staples Inc., did some research, too, and found that 86 percent of telecommuters said they felt better and were more productive when they work from home. The people working at home said their stress levels had dropped 25 percent on average and their overall happiness has increased 28 percent since they started working from home. 80 percent said with telecommuting they maintained a better work/life balance.

So what’s not to like? Company wins because employees win. So there are more work at home jobs for you. Win, win, win.

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Today Is Yesterday’s Tomorrow

Today many people work very differently than they did just five or 10 years ago. Work, and the workplace, will continue to change, too—whether we want it to or not.

Given the uncertainties in the economy and employment, it’s doubly important to look toward the horizon, even when surrounded in fog. Make yourself a plan so you can achieve what you want. As baseball coach Yogi Berra put it, “if you don’t know where you’re going, you might end up someplace else.”

Here are 4 quick tips to help you on your way:

  • Make your goals as specific as possible
  • Break you goal down into mini-goals that are achievable
  • Make sure you know what’s essential to make your goals achievable
  • Get started!

Yogi Berra was a catcher before he was a coach. Even he found a way to work at home.

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