Telecommuting: Top 20 Cities

Wanna work from home? Here are the best places for your home office: (of all people) did a really nice job of selecting the top cities around the world for telecommuters. Here’s a rundown of what they found.

San Francisco, California

Expensive but very well connected. Even the public transit system is developing wireless connections for their riders.

Austin, Texas

Inexpensive and small business-friendly

Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

Family-friendly, good climate, and rich in technology business.

Vancouver, Canada

Surrounded by beauty and and a government that wants to keep it that way with support for telecommuting and other green strategies.

Seattle, Washington

Expensive but not as bad as California. Lots of techies around.

Copenhagen, Denmark

One of the least expensive international cities. Bring your telecommuting job with you and enjoy living in a place recently named one of the happiest cities in the entire world.

Phoenix, Arizona

Home to a number of tech conferences, Phoenix offers lots of leisure activities, and reasonable real estate prices.

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul has the best broadband penetration of any city in the world.

Syracuse, New York

Reasonable real estate and nearness to the hubbub of the Big Apple make this a top pick if you want to work at home.

Anchorage, Alaska

If it’s peace, quiet, and rugged beauty you’re after, this might be your work from home paradise. Cheap housing makes the deal even better.

Atlanta, Georgia

One of the most wired cities in the United States. It’s fairly inexpensive and the techie job market is strong.

Taipei, Taiwan

According to CartridgeSaveU.K., Taipei was one of the first to start dealing with its traffic congestion by encouraging employees to telecommute. It’s goal is to be the world’s first cyber-city.

Cordoba, Argentina

Argentina is the center of the country’s technology and home to extensive research in both satellite technology and various sciences. It’s a safe city and one where it’s fairly easy to stay wired so you can work.

Barcelona, Spain

Once called the one of the best cities for singles, this may be you’re new home if you’re on the scout for a mate as well as a work-at-home job.

Bangalore, India

Inexpensive and well wired.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

A city that’s looking to make itself a great place for green telecommuting techies.

Mexico City, Mexico

An up-and-coming city in terms of wireless technology.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Voted one of the best places to find a job and most of them are technology-based.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

With lots to do and an emphasis on fitness, this city might help you shed the extra pounds you put on from sitting in front of a computer all day.

Stockholm, Sweden

Headquarters of Pirate Bay, the world’s largest BitTorrent tracker, this city has a attitude that encourages open source development of products and web services.

For the full story with all the details, go to CartridgeSave.

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