Two Yous

“There’s these two sheep standing in a field, see; and   . . .”

No this isn’t a joke about two ewes. But it is kinda funny how things change when you work at home.

You (not ewe) have a mid-morning video conference call, when thankfully caffeine is just starting to kick in*, but too early to change out of your jammies because you haven’t been to the gym yet**.

So, sitting on the sidelines, here’s what I see as we Undress For Success

*One problem with a work from home job is that the office is always right there. It’s easy to work late at night and start early in the morning. (I wrote the bulk of this last night at 6pm–an hour before I guit for the day. It’s 4:30am now.)

** On the plus side, it’s easier to arrange your schedule so you can take time to work-out–if you have the self-discipline, that is. Kate goes to a nearby gym 4-5 times a week. Me? I’ve gained 20 pounds over the last two years, because I spend all my time sitting in front of the computer writing, racing or flying.

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