Unemployed? Start Your Own Business

According to the SBA one in five businesses start as a home-based business, and most are women owned. Sure the economy is slow, but change also means opportunity.


Thanks to technology, especially computers and the Internet, a new breed of entrepreneur has emerged that works from home, works online with people around the world that they have never met in person, and serves a global market.

The SBA has an excellent 17 minute online tutorial that will fill you in on the details incuding how to create a business plan. After a brief overview you’ll have the opportunity to take a self-assessment that will help you determine if you have what it takes to start and run your own business.

Log in to the course here, fill in your name and provide some details on your background, then invest 17 minutes to see if you should add the possibility of starting your own business to your bag of tricks.

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