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Work-at-home employers, many of whom never meet their prospective employees, need to know that the people they hire can do what they say they can. Many use online testing to pre-qualify candidates. If you’re not a fan of taking tests, or if you’ve been out of the job market in a while, this can be pretty intimidating. One way to build confidence–and skills–is to take advantage of one of the free and low cost on-line testing services.

Brainbench is one of the largest providers of on-line testing. While they’re in the business of paid testing, they offer a cadre of really excellent free tests as well. Over 40 of their 600 tests are currently amomg their free offerings. There are four types of free tests:

Sponsored Certifications – these certifications are sponsored by Brainbench and some of their partners. These tests do not include a hardcopy certificate, but are included in the online transcript that Brainbench uses to track your achievements.

Personality Assessment – The Brainbench Personality Assessment provides you with information regarding your personality.

Beta Tests – As Brainbench develops tests, they are placed in “Pre-Release (Beta)” status to collect valuable statistics and to obtain test taker feedback.

Fun Tests – Brainbench offers ~over 30 fun tests, covering everything from Star Trek and Shakespeare to Baseball and Harry Potter.

Here’s a sampling of Brainbench’s current freebies:

Adobe Photoshop CS3


Business Writing


Computer Fundamentals (Win XP)

Macintosh OS X 10.4 Desktop Administration

MS Windows Vista Desktop Administration

MS Word 2003

Typing Speed & Accuracy

Web Development Concepts

Adobe InDesign CS3 Beta

Dreamweaver CS3 Beta

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 – Essentials Beta

QuickBooks Pro 2008 Beta

Web Design Concepts (Refresh) Beta

If you’re a Brainbench user, we’d love to hear from you. Let us know what you thought of the testing or, better yet, how improving your skills helped you land a work-at-home   job.

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