Looking For Telecommuting Work? Be Careful What You Say Online

If you’re looking for telecommuting work, be careful what your online persona looks like.

Remember the YouTube video your, um, ‘friend’ posted on your behalf? The one where you were dancing the Macarena in a purple tutu? Do you really think IBM’s going to be impressed when they see it? Not so much.


Before you go job shopping, Google yourself and see what lurks in your virtual closet. As simple as that sounds, at least a quarter of job applicants have never done it.

Blog posts, web comments about prior employers, book or movie reviews, photo or video posts, revealing memberships, and unseemly nicknames or e-mail addresses (e.g., IHateToWork@nothere.com) all contribute to a prospective employer’s decision about whether to hire you.

In any event, you need to know what’s out there so you can start planning your excuses–er, strategy for deflecting them.

All forms of electronic media can potentially bite you if you’re trying to work from home. Even Twitter can ruin your job prospects.

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