Telecommuting News Summary 111008

Business Continuity: Planning for the Unforeseen
CIO Today,  CA  - Nov 10, 2008
UPS makers have been devising new more effective products for the growing home and teleworker market. American Power Conversion (APC) has made its
What the US election means for telecoms
Ovum,  UK  -Nov 10, 2008
to gain from efforts to substitute telecommuting, telepresence, telemedicine and other innovations for their less carbon-friendly current incarnations.
Storage-as-a-Service, a Precursor to the Cloud Computing
Business Wire (press release),  CA  - Nov 10, 2008
IDC’s multi-client study reports entitled, Storage-as-a-Service: A Personal Consumer, Home Business and Telecommuting Perspective and Storage-as-a-Service:
Don’t be a victim
Buffalo News,   United States  - Nov 10, 2008
every single legitimate home-based position in Western New York stems from a traditional, established company which has branched out into telecommuting.
Working harder to keep job
Charleston Post Courier,  SC  - Nov 10, 2008
Flexible working arrangements, wellness initiatives and telecommuting are becoming things of the past. And parents are putting on the back burner the
Plump Up Your Paycheck: Cut travel expenses with flextime or a
Computerworld,  MA  - Nov 10, 2008
Your employer might impose a four-day workweek or offer telecommuting even before you can volunteer, says Mercer IT workforce specialist David Van De Voort.
Daring plan to meet climate change goals
Santa Rosa Press Democrat,  CA  - Nov 10, 2008
Encourage businesses to implement telecommuting programs. Protect and increase land devoted to agriculture and forests. Financing: Set up a loan fund that
Youths explore virtual worlds
Coshocton Tribune,  OH  - Nov 9, 2008
The company agreed to let him telecommute from there. He now oversees teams of 100 to 200 people in California from his home in Columbus.
Column: Keys to managing your career in challenging times
Wausau Daily Herald,  WI  - Nov 9, 2008
Employers often are providing incentives, such as flex-time, telecommuting, job sharing, etc., to individuals who have the skills they want.
Family embarks on caregiving journey
Lawrence Journal World,  KS  - Nov 9, 2008
Sally said she is lucky because Doug is a telecommuter and works from home. He cooks most of the meals and runs errands. They also made a few adjustments to
The Thriving Office: Busy Office Sounds to Disguise Work at Home
Inventorspot  - Nov 8, 2008
With the business I’m in, telecommuting is practically a requirement, so I’ve got nothing to hide. But, in many industries the sounds of success might
Ramsey County Attorney’s Office Report of Investigation
In-Forum,  ND  - Nov 7, 2008
Upon inquiry, Pitt explained that she was familiar with the agency’s telecommuting policy and that she had a valid telecommuting agreement in effect.
Rideshare Rewards Club member wins $1000 drawing for second time
The Salinas Californian,  CA  - Nov 7, 2008
4400 roundtrips in which they used alternatives to driving alone such as carpooling, vanpooling, bicycling, walking, riding the bus, or telecommuting.
6 Reasons to Start Coworking
Mashable,  CA  - Nov 7, 2008
OK, so you went independent, or took a job telecommuting, so you could get away from the Bill Lumbergh in your life breathing down your neck.
The Karma of Craigslist
BusinessWeek  - Nov 7, 2008
I manage to tag along by using my vacation time and and by telecommuting at the discretion of my bosses. What allows Jim and me to pursue a nomadic
Belt Tightening: Simple Cost-Saving Tips – Commentary
Channel Insider,  NY  - Nov 7, 2008
Telecommuting: Many small businesses are finding the cost of maintaining remote offices is increasing at a time when many of the customers prefer you go to
Many Valley executives find advantages in telecommuting,  NC  - Nov 7, 2008
Telecommuting has become a trendy way for workers to save a little gas and the environment. Now executives are getting in on the act, and Phoenix is
Telecommuting beating the credit crunch and the competition,  UK  - Nov 7, 2008
We believe that there are ten social trends and technology advancements which are spurring companies to implement ‘telecommuting’ strategies.
Micropolitans – Rural economies take a new shape
Prairie Business,  ND  - Nov 7, 2008
Telecommuting and Internet mail-ordering can make it easier to organize trade and commerce from an isolated population center. Employers find it easier to
Helping workers through tough times
SmartBrief,  DC  - Nov 7, 2008
engagement during challenging economic times, including increased telecommuting, rethinking goals and objectives and modest team-building exercises.
‘Rapid cost-savings driving VoIP take-up’
8el,  UK  - Nov 7, 2008
streamline communication options while also cutting costs and improving flexibility, by enabling telecommuting, reduced travel and virtual networking.
Ride the 95 Express Lanes for Free by Registering for 3+ Carpooling
MarketWatch  - Nov 7, 2008
of the Florida Department of Transportation dedicated to encouraging commuters to carpool, vanpool, use mass transit, telecommute, walk or bike to work.
Goals for Giving,  DC  - Nov 7, 2008
“As people move to flex time and telecommuting, we have to adjust our systems.” The CFC in Suncoast, Fla., the organization’s most successful campaign,
Pickens Plan: Boon or Boondoggle?
OpEdNews,  PA  - Nov 7, 2008
including moving businesses to telecommuting, reducing the workweek for those businesses creating carpooling software, intellitaxis, car sharing,
A state sales tax jump could backfire
Los Angeles Times,  CA  - Nov 6, 2008
Telecommuting and online connectivity make it increasingly easy for people to pull up stakes and become tax exiles in Nevada or Arizona and maintain
McDonnell outlines plans for ’09 gubernatorial bid
Inside NoVA,  VA  - Nov 6, 2008
increasing sales and gas taxes, encouraging more telecommuting through tax credits and giving incentives to encourage more public transportation.
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