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Deborah Cohen did a nice article on Telecommuting for Reuters today. Of course, her inclusion of our words of wisdom didn’t bias our opinion of the piece:

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“I’ve talked to dozens, if not more, companies that wouldn’t be doing as well as they are if they weren’t allowed to go out and hire talent regardless of where they are,” says Kate Lister, an expert on telecommuting and co-author of Undress For Success: The Naked Truth about Making Money at Home. “It’s the companies that accept this now that are going to win in the future.”

Lister touts benefits that include savings for real estate and commuting, as well as the gain in productivity that comes from eliminating day-to-day office distractions and the wear and tear of traveling to work. Recent events such as the threat of the swine flu virus and a potential transit workers strike in San Francisco are wakeup calls about the need for installing off-site work policies, Lister says.

Her telework savings calculator here estimates that yearly cost savings for a 25-person company offering a telework program include roughly $62,618 a year in real estate (assuming one fourth of the offices can be fazed out), $28,350 in absenteeism and $2,895 in turnover. Not to mention green benefits such as 42 fewer tons of greenhouse gases.

During the interview for the article, Deborah asked if I knew of any companies that flat-out refused to consider telecommuting and while I know there are many, I couldn’t come up with a single name. Sleuth that she is, she found an organization called Managers Against Telecommuting that I hadn’t heard of. I did a bit of Googling and found their web site but, while they claim to have 5,432 signatures on a petition to ban telecommuting, they offer zero information about who they are or what their beef is. Their domain registration doesn’t offer any additional insight. I’d love to know more about them so if anyone out does, let me know. Feel free to be anonymous.

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