Telecommuting News Summary 092109

As Flu Season Approaches, LSA Prepares for a Potential Increase in

Business Wire (press release) Sep 21, 2009
Stage I includes a myriad of preventive measures, such as giving employees the option to telecommute, handing out masks for those working on-site,

You’re Not Sharing Your Ride

NBC ChicagoBj Lutz Sep 21, 2009
Possible reasons that workers aren’t carpooling in droves: personal privacy/protection, sprawl (not all jobs are in the same place), telecommuting,

A job so flexibleeven a Tucson RV’er could do it

Tucson Citizen Sep 21, 2009
So instead of looking for a great number of employees to relocate and increase demand for harmful growth, they will allow employees to telecommute from a

‘Spare the Air Day’ issued for today

San Jose Mercury News Sep 21, 2009
A Spare the Air Day means drivers should carpool with friends or co-workers, or telecommute if possible. Drivers are also asked to link necessary trips and

Car Free Day provides alternative commuting methods

YorkRegion.comDavid Fleischer Sep 21, 2009
They can also encourage telecommuting or provide VIP parking spots to carpoolers. – Smart Commute’s Carpool Zone allows you to find others with whom you

OPM Director John Berry and Federal CTO Aneesh Chopra to Open at

Business Wire (press release) Sep 21, 2009
The Fall Town Hall Meeting will kick off at 8:15 am with the welcome and opening keynote address, Telework: Management and Technology.

Md. Adjusts Policies to Prepare for Flu

WBOC TV 16 Sep 21, 2009
This change allows for more flexibility, allowing workers to telecommute, follow more relaxed return to work standards and access to the advanced sick leave

Seen and Unseen Possibilities: Broadband Means Economic Growth (press release) Sep 21, 2009
Broadband shrinks our world and enables telecommuting for collaborative projects across the country or across the globe, making tomorrow’s ipod or Kindle a

Dave Conrad: Honesty is always the best policy

Post-Bulletin Sep 21, 2009
Video conferencing is huge, as is telecommuting. People are linking up at any time of the day and are reducing the costs and time associated with travel.

At office, swine flu is nothing to sneeze at

NJBIZMartin C. Daks Sep 21, 2009
Having at-risk employees telecommute, or work from home, may help to reduce the risk of a lawsuit, Alvarez said. This way, at least the worker isn’t

Lawyers no longer chained to an office

Lawyers WeeklyRebecca Jaremko Sep 21, 2009
Telecommuting has many benefits. Travel and overhead costs are reduced. Environmental conservation can be effected by telecommuting; less energy, gas,

Parallels Greases Wheels for PC-to-Mac Switch

TechNewsWorldJohn P. Mello Jr Sep 21, 2009
“Organizations at this point have, on average, 40 percent of their end users who are remote, mobile or telecommuting at least part of the time,” Laura DiDio

DHS mandates department-wide telework, COOP review this week

FederalNewsRadio.comMax Cacas Sep 21, 2009
They are also to have as many employees telework at least one day this week where possible. The memo came from Elaine Duke, DHS Undersecretary for

Pittsburgh wary of G-20 summit

Boston GlobeJoe Mandak Sep 21, 2009
Many businesses are closing or – like Highmark, the health insurer that normally has 5000 employees in the area – having most employees telecommute or work

UNH details ambitious plan to cut greenhouse gases

Foster’s Daily DemocratAaron Sanborn Sep 21, 2009
The plan also states that the university will be reviewing telecommuting, travel, and procurement policies. Fueling these initiatives will be the creation

Carbon residents deserve apology

Allentown Morning Call Sep 21, 2009
Most importantly, our people — from the sixth-generation descendents of immigrant coal miners to our newest transplant living here and telecommuting to

Broomfield, Boulder businesses told to brace for swine flu

Daily CameraMichael Davidson, Laura Snider Sep 21, 2009
Absences could require shifting vacation schedules, doubling up work for healthy employees, telecommuting or letting employees take more than their annual

Hey Penske, Why Not Just Release Tryson?

The Nascar Insiders (blog) Sep 21, 2009
Let’s be honest there is only so much you can do telecommuting. Being the leader of the team from your living room is not easy. Certainly I understand the

Federal telework hurt by IT security, budget pressures

FierceGovernmentITJudi Hasson Sep 21, 2009
A small percentage of federal employees now telecommute, and the numbers are growing very slowly, according to a new report by the Office of Personnel

G-20 security driving away Pittsburgh’s bustle

The Associated PressJoe Mandak‎Sep 20, 2009‎
Many businesses are closing or like Highmark, the health insurance giant that normally has 5000 employees in the area having most employees telecommute

Are area businesses ready for an outbreak?

Joliet Herald NewsCindy Wojdyla Cain‎Sep 20, 2009‎
Develop other flexible policies to allow workers to telework (if feasible) and create other leave policies to allow workers to stay home to care for sick

Legitimate work-at-home jobs are few and far between

Columbus DispatchTracy Turner‎Sep 20, 2009‎
while an additional 30 percent say that although they currently don’t telecommute, they would if their employers allowed it, the report said.

AARP: LCEC, Lee Memorial support older staffers, earn ‘Best Employer’

Tallahassee.comLaura Ruane‎Sep 19, 2009‎
Alternative work arrangements including flex time, job-sharing and telecommuting. This is Lee Memorial’s fifth-consecutive year to make an AARP list for

Leave the car at home Tuesday

Chapel Hill News‎Sep 19, 2009‎
On this day, millions around the world are encouraged to leave their car at home and bike, walk, carpool, telecommute, or take the bus to work, school,

In Lilly’s pipeline: Profit or Peril?

Indianapolis StarJohn Russell‎Sep 19, 2009‎
The hallways and offices are a little more populated; Lilly sharply cut back flexible work schedules and telecommuting in an effort to ramp up productivity.

Mother of Invention: ‘Never saw it coming’

Omaha World-HeraldChristine Pivovar‎Sep 19, 2009‎
The telecommuting duo has a system: Emswiler sketches outfits at night and sends her ideas to Martin, who designs the fabric patterns and graphics the next

A Day for Rethinking Our Four-Wheeled Fixation

Washington PostAshley Halsey III‎Sep 19, 2009‎
“You’d find that bicycling would be an option, along with telecommuting. Those who would be more successful in their daily chores would be those who live in

Up to speed: Local governments, companies working to broaden

Danville AdvocateDavid Brock‎Sep 19, 2009‎
In addition to students, McKinney noted the increasing number of county residents who would prefer to telecommute full- or part-time from home.

Tenacity and Snap!VRS Announce Exclusive Partnership to Help (press release)‎Sep 19, 2009‎
with the business’ current infrastructure, so all major forms of communication are available for the employee, including employees who telecommute.

Pandemic Measures for the Enterprise

Wireless Watch Japan‎Sep 18, 2009‎
etc. in in-house are closed, needs the information technology environment under which telecommuting is enabled for a short term.

Flu plan can minimize loss

Milwaukee Business Journal‎Sep 18, 2009‎
We really need to look at telecommuting as a way to have business continuity. As if the recession hasn’t made it tough enough to operate a business,

Agencies gradually embrace telework

FCW.comMatthew Weigelt‎Sep 18, 2009‎
The number of federal employees who telework is increasing, with 5.24 percent of all federal employees working away from their offices in

Joel Kotkin on Smart Growth: The Streetsblog Re-mix

Streetsblog Capitol Hill (blog)Elana Schor‎Sep 18, 2009‎
In addition, the government could develop incentives for increased telecommuting and more flexible work schedules in order to reduce unnecessary driving to

Md. Adjusts Policies To Prepare For Flu

WJZ‎Sep 18, 2009‎
This change allows for more flexibility, allowing workers to telecommute, follow more relaxed return to work standards and access to the advanced sick leave

Networking Sept. 21 – Oct 3

Sun-Sentinel.comCindy Kent‎Sep 18, 2009‎
presented by the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by South Florida Commuter Services on the benefits of teleworking/telecommuting.

Md. adjusts policies to prepare for flu

Washington Examiner‎Sep 18, 2009‎
This change allows for more flexibility, allowing workers to telecommute, follow more relaxed return to work standards and access to the advanced sick leave

Chamber names Pauls citizen of the year

Newton KansanCari Cusick‎Sep 18, 2009‎
She said managers and employers should focus on whether an employee is completing tasks and not hours, as well as considering telecommuting and other

Federal Teleworking: A look at the numbers

FederalNewsRadio.comEmily Jarvis‎Sep 18, 2009‎
Last year more than 1000000 employees participated in telework. This is roughly 5 percent of the total federal employee population.

Business gets marching orders on swine flu

SmartPlanet.comDana Blankenhorn‎Sep 18, 2009‎
Plan for telecommuting. Just because they’re sick doesn’t mean they’re useless. Check in with the health authorities. Knowing what hospitals and your

Seven Ways You Can Win the Battle to Control Your Own Life

Huffington Post (blog)‎Sep 18, 2009‎
Prepare for the Worst – With the threat of a swine flu pandemic more imminent as fall approaches, find out what your organization’s telework policies and

Editorial: Fly Kessel, fly

Long Island Business News‎Sep 18, 2009‎
George Maziarz, is whining that Kessel is wasting taxpayer money by flying when public transportation, or, to be even more modern, telecommuting would have

Maryland Today

Frederick News Post (subscription)‎Sep 18, 2009‎
This change allows for more flexibility, allowing workers to telecommute, follow more relaxed return to work standards and access to the advanced sick leave

Friday Morning Federal Newscast

FederalNewsRadio.comJane Norris, Ruben Gomez‎Sep 18, 2009‎
The numbers from an OPM survey suggest that telework is catching on at a slow pace in the federal government. In all, more than 100000 federal employees

How to survive in business 25 years

OCRegister‎Sep 18, 2009‎
up an office at home or rent space, whether to hire employees or use contractors, whether to allow employees to telecommute and work remotely or not.

Companies preparing for H1N1

Twin Cities Business Journal‎Sep 18, 2009‎
up on sick leave requirements, providing options for workers to care for sick family members and making sure employees have the ability to telecommute.

Punke Nominated As WTO Ambassador; Stoll To Succeed Doll As US

Linex Legal (registration)‎Sep 17, 2009‎
Focarino implemented a new approach to training examiners, and supported telework programmes for patent examiners and technical support staff.

Sounds like a dream, but is working at home for you?

Cayman Net News‎Sep 17, 2009‎
More and more companies are allowing employees the option of telecommuting — working from a remote area, such as home. Technology enables work-at-home

Status of Telework in the Federal Government, 2009

Docuticker (blog)‎Sep 17, 2009‎
In February 2009, seventy-eight Executive Branch agencies submitted data on their telework programs to the Office of Personnel Management.

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