Telecommuting News Summary 033009

Four Telecommuting Security Mistakes

ITworld.comMar 30, 2009
CSO spoke with two security strategists about common mistakes employees often make while telecommuting, and asked for advice on how to put a damper on them.

Protect your telecommuters and yourself

FierceCIOMar 30, 2009
More than 70 percent of US companies offer full or part-time telecommuting to employees. But most of these companies ignore the risks of telecommuting

Advice from Forbes on writing a telecommuting proposal

Examiner.comMar 30, 2009
If you want to start telecommuting, even part-time, you will likely have to initiate the change yourself. Having a formal proposal is far better than

Poor economy causes ‘silent fright’ among those still employed

TechRepublicMar 30, 2009
workers stop taking advantage of work benefits that were formally used as incentives, such as flex time, paid sick leave, and telecommuting policies.

10 sure-fire ways to kill telecommuting

InfoWorldMar 30, 2009
If you read some of the more enthusiastic commentary about telecommuting, you might think we’re all ready to be Solarians, only without the phobia.

OfficePod provides you a peaceful working environment

Daily ContributorMar 30, 2009
And as telecommuting becomes a trend, an interesting idea is now being pitched in the United Kingdom: The OfficePOD. With its sleek and modern design,

Managers shouldn’t use economy as excuse to be inflexible

Journal TimesMar 30, 2009
Perks like flexible work hours and the occasional telecommute were used to lure and then retain top employees especially young, family-centered employees.

Laptop desk allows for in-bed computing

CrunchGear‎Mar 30, 2009
perfect for those days that you just want to throw on a comfy pair of work slacks, shirt, and tie, and get into bed to do some serious telecommuting.

OfficePOD is a garden sanctuary for telecommuters

DVICE‎Mar 29, 2009‎
As companies look for every possible way to save money, more office workers than ever are being asked to telecommute, doing their work from a computer at

Some jobs you just shouldn’t take, no matter how bad the economy‎Mar 29, 2009‎
The company that work for on a full-time/part-time basis — and for which I telecommute — laid off several writers earlier this year. I was spared.

Deep cuts keep region’s companies going

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review‎Mar 29, 2009‎
Saturday, Sunday and Monday off,” he said of his staff. “We have done telecommuting here there are situations where we let people stay home and work.

HOT Lanes’ Next Step

Washington Post‎Mar 28, 2009‎
The office is a collection point for information about lane closures and commuting alternatives, such as carpooling, telecommuting and transit.

New co-working space downtown to foster relationships

Asheville Citizen-Times‎Mar 28, 2009‎
While telecommuting from home, he said, I got tired of never working with anyone locally. Locomotivity will be open weekdays 9:30 am-6 pm and closed on

Five legitimate work from home job websites‎Mar 28, 2009‎
Check out this list of 49 places to find telecommuting jobs. Do you have any work from home websites that you frequent often or would like to recommend?

United States Patent & Trademark Office Increasing Their License

FOXBusiness‎Mar 27, 2009‎
“In 2007 USPTO received two awards for their hoteling and telework programs; we are very happy to be one of their vendors,” said Shaun Passley,

Habitats | Riverside Drive Life Unfolds a Murphy Bed

New York Times‎Mar 27, 2009‎
I was a partner in the firm by then, and we agreed I could telecommute. She initially moved to Northampton, Mass., because she thought the Berkshires might

Career Women at Midlife: Sadder and Sicker

BusinessWeek‎Mar 27, 2009‎
Corporate policies like flexible work, telecommuting, and compressed schedules were supposed to solve these conundrums. So was the co-CEO/split-duty

Working it out

Boston Globe‎Mar 27, 2009‎
Businesses might realize, she said, that offering flexible schedules and telecommuting opportunities isn’t just benevolent, it’s cheap.

AnyWare Group’s ROAM Helps Quinte Health Care Fulfill e-Health (press release)‎Mar 27, 2009‎
When the weather is questionable, telecommuting helps ‘get the job done’ without risking bad roads or wasting valuable patient care-time traveling.

More federal workers may work from home‎Mar 27, 2009‎
New legislation could allow federal employees to telework for at least 20 percent of the hours worked during every two administrative work weeks.

Traveling 35W? Get Out Your Patience Or A Map

WCCO‎Mar 27, 2009‎
During construction, motorists are urged to car pool, take the bus, alter their times of commute and talk to their employers about telecommuting.

The Office: A Paper Company Is Born

New York Magazine‎Mar 27, 2009‎
It seems fitting that, ultimately, The Office could turn into a show about telecommuting. All told, its better than a show about unemployment.

More News From Yesterday‎Mar 27, 2009‎
Daniel Akaka and George Voinovich introduced their version of the telework bill. So pretty much everything workforce related is rolling along in concert in

Lane pain, then a gain

Minneapolis Star Tribune‎Mar 27, 2009‎
He encouraged people to carpool, take the bus, alter the times at which they travel and talk to their employers about telecommuting.

Top 10 ways to save gasoline‎Mar 27, 2009‎
Telecommute once a week. If commuting North Americans worked from home just one day a week, 150 billion pounds of CO2 each year would be eliminated for our

The Year of The Fed‎Mar 26, 2009‎
Wolf has been a bulldog on the subject, threatening to financially punish agencies that drag their feet implementing telework programs.

Where Were All the Senators?

Washington Post‎Mar 26, 2009‎
They could have raised unasked questions about the Federal Employee Health Benefits program, telework and pay parity between civilian and military personnel

A Workplace for Anyone (press release)‎Mar 26, 2009‎
This report is an in depth look at how virtual meetings and telecommuting can significantly reduce the greenhouse gas emissions on a global level.

2009 Commuter Challenge Fueled by Prizes and Pride

Noozhawk‎Mar 26, 2009‎
Commuters form teams of five and earn points and prizes when they take the bus or train, carpool, vanpool, bike, walk, skate or telecommute instead of

Operations chief ( Director of Operations– Online software )

Gamasutra‎Mar 26, 2009‎
We are sorry, but telecommuting is not an option. We would like to thank all applicants, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Federal Government Employee Telework Bills Introduced, Praised

TMC Net‎Mar 26, 2009‎
By Brendan B. Read, Senior Contributing Editor Legislation has been introduced in the US Congress to expand telework opportunities for all federal workers,

Telstra switches off for Earth Hour

nowwearetalking‎Mar 26, 2009‎
Telstra also actively promotes the many ways telecommunications can help reduce Australia’s carbon emissions, through for example, telecommuting and video

MnDOT launches big 35W construction project this weekend

Minnesota Public Radio‎Mar 26, 2009‎
During construction, motorists are urged to carpool, take the bus, alter their times of commute and talk to their employers about telecommuting.

How is Congress spending its time and your money? (Part 16)

Liberty Maven‎Mar 26, 2009‎
HR1722 – To improve teleworking in executive agencies by developing a telework program that allows employees to telework at least 20 percent of the hours

LABOUR-US: The Daddy Dilemma

Inter Press Service‎Mar 26, 2009‎
more than a third of working dads say their employer does not offer flexible arrangements such as telecommuting, job sharing and more.

U4EA Technologies and Vidtel Team Up to Deliver QoS-enabled Video

SYS-CON Media (press release)‎Mar 26, 2009‎
and instant video conferencing accessible for distributed offices, telecommuting, customer service and other businesses where personal contact is key.

Boffo Box Office: New OfficePod Drops Your Desk Into Your Garden

Fast Company‎Mar 26, 2009‎
And of course telecommuting reduces both carbon emissions and daily traffic frustrations–plus it lets you get up later and get “home from the office”

Officescape Introduces Associate Tenant Program

SYS-CON Media (press release)‎Mar 26, 2009‎
It has established the industry benchmark with its innovative Office on Demand℠, Virtual Office and Telework services.

SOA Consortium confab emits green glow

ZDNet‎Mar 26, 2009‎
How much oil and energy has been saved because of telecommuting and teleconferencing? How many stores and shopping malls have not been built due to the rise

Research Firm to Vacate Downtown Bremerton Location

Kitsap Sun‎Mar 26, 2009‎
And just this week our Kitsap Economic Development Alliance was being praised for getting Microsoft to participate in a $150000 state grant funded telework

Be Aware of New HR-Related Laws, Tougher Enforcement: Legal Expert

TMCnet‎Mar 26, 2009‎
They can also include working from home, which according to The Telework Coalition can benefit employers by cutting facilities costs and bolstering

Peaceful Revolution: Women and Work: Why Employers’ Work/Life

Huffington Post‎Mar 26, 2009‎
How come we don’t hear more about companies who are responding to the recession by encouraging flexible work, telecommuting, and reduced hours,

CFOs seek ways to avoid layoffs

TechJournal South‎Mar 26, 2009‎
Redistribution of responsibilities; elimination of bonuses; restructuring; shortened work weeks, mandatory unpaid time off, and options to telecommute.

How is Congress spending its time and your money? (Part 15)

Liberty Maven‎Mar 26, 2009‎
With forty-nine new bills introduced in Congress yesterday, one must wonder how many are really necessary, and more importantly, how many are Constitutional

Traveling to Minneapolis? Prepare for delays

Shakopee Valley News‎Mar 26, 2009‎
During construction, motorists are urged to car pool, take the bus, alter their times of commute and talk to their employers about telecommuting.

Unified communications critical to keeping telecommuters productive‎Mar 26, 2009‎
The Forrester report “US Telecommuting Forecast, 2009 to 2016″ found that the sharpest rise will be in occasional (less than once a week) and regular (one

Telework Exchange Applauds Congress Introduction of the Telework

SYS-CON Media (press release)‎Mar 26, 2009‎
Telework Exchange SM , a public-private partnership focused on promoting telework, applauds the US House of Representatives and the Senate on introducing

Leave urban neighborhoods to rot: Will it pay?

Daily Finance‎Mar 26, 2009‎
The ironic thing is that telecommuting is, essentially, extending the Rustbelt phenomenon to other industries. If a publicist or editor can report to a

Nanny vs. Daycare Series: Part 1‎Mar 26, 2009‎
~Sophia Loren Whether you work part time, telecommute or have an executive job working 70-80 hours per week, you need childcare in some form.

Working from home: Telecommuting logistics – how does‎Mar 26, 2009‎
Once you’ve decided that telecommuting is the right choice for you and your family, you have to decide what kind of arrangement you’re looking for.
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