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The Telecommuting Option
New York Times,  United States  - Jan 11, 2009
The most efficient and most advanced ways for Americans to travel include telecommuting, as well as mass transit, and President-elect Barack Obama should
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Computerworld,  MA  - Jan 11, 2009
Is telecommuting necessarily bad for productivity? I’d like to broaden the perspective of the question a bit. Today, many organizations have team members
Wireless companies brace for Inauguration Day spike in traffic
Austin American-Statesman,  TX  - Jan 11, 2009
in town for Inauguration Day that residents are hoping they’ll be allowed to telecommute rather than be required to brave the trek into their offices.
Tech fights effects of frail economy
Philippine Star,  Philippines  - Jan 11, 2009
Add to that rising office space cost and environmental issues and see high-level management also giving telecommuting a long second look.
Maryland Institute grads live in Kent County, but they’re still
Baltimore Sun,  United States  - Jan 11, 2009
in 2001 as a quest for affordable space – to paint, to sculpt, to draw, to breathe – is a vivid example of the reach and ease of modern telecommuting.
Peoplescape: Tania Mercurio
Inside NoVA,  VA  - Jan 11, 2009
connects them to online training programs and employers who allow telecommuting, transfers and advancement opportunities, regardless of military status.
Former local man inspired to make Himalayan ascent
Bloomington Pantagraph,   USA  - Jan 11, 2009
He and his wife, Kris, moved from the Twin Cities five years ago when his bosses let him “telecommute” to the job he held in information technology at State
Audit: Avocado board went overboard on perks
Seattle Times,  United States  - Jan 11, 2009
The commission is negotiating with Affleck to pay back $17000 worth of permanent improvements made to his home so he could telecommute, Shade said.
Stimulus plan has cities seeing green
San Jose Mercury News,   USA  - Jan 10, 2009
It’s also green, in that it makes it easier to work from home and telecommute.” Drekmeier said the project could dovetail with new federal priorities.
Getting to work
Atlanta Journal Constitution,   USA  - Jan 10, 2009
By Lori Johnston Commuting to work can’t be avoided for most people, unless the job allows them to telecommute. For the rest of us, taking mass transit,
Job Predictions for 2009,  NJ  - Jan 10, 2009
adaptable arrangements including alternate schedules (arrive early then leave early), telecommuting, compressed workweeks, summer hours or job sharing.
Inauguration traffic could affect Tri-State
Hagerstown Morning Herald,  MD  - Jan 10, 2009
Officials also suggest that those who work in the Washington area ask their employers if it would be possible to telecommute that day.
Telework to Relieve DC Commuters’ Aches During Inauguration (Pressemitteilung),  Austria  - Jan 10, 2009
Telework ExchangeSM, a public-private partnership focused on expanding telework, today calls for Washington, DC area organizations and employees to telework
Resolve This — 2009  - Jan 9, 2009
If you want to start your own business, change career paths or seize a telecommuting opportunity check out military community resources such as the Military
Pumped Up Predictions
Hawaii Reporter,  HI  - Jan 9, 2009
High gas prices forced workers to telecommute, hiked food prices and caused a ripple effect through the economy. When gas prices plummeted, the media moved
Managed and Hosted Unified Communications Help Companies Survive
TMCnet  - Jan 9, 2009
With global companies stressing on the economy and the green movement that usher in more telecommuting programs, T3i Group anticipates that the demand for
Mothers & More will meet in Cranford to discuss various Work at
Suburban News,  NJ  - Jan 9, 2009
Topics will include telecommuting, freelancing, turning a hobby/talent into a business and more. Find out if working from home is as family-friendly as it
Ice Storms: 5 Lessons for IT and Telecommuters,  MA  - Jan 9, 2009
Here’s five lessons any IT pro or telecommuter can take away from the storm. 1. Scope out back-up power for necessary systems Businesses need to ask
Why I Finally Quit
MSNBC  - Jan 9, 2009
If they let me telecommute at least a few times a week, I’d be more than happy to do whatever it takes to help my new employers succeed.
Small firms begin to see advantage of telecommuting
SmartBrief,  DC  - Jan 9, 2009
A new trend, says Jack Hughes, founder of TopCoder, is that small businesses are increasingly accepting the idea of a telecommuting work force.
Work-Life Balance,  DC  - Jan 9, 2009
22.6 percent said they were satisfied with telework or telecommuting programs. 28.5 percent said they were satisfied with work-life balance programs,
Jobs: How bad will it get?
Reuters  - Jan 9, 2009
I telecommute to save on gas and arrange virtual meetings rather than personal, whenever possible. We are paying off our credit cards and not using them.
VIPdesk Wins 2009 SmartCEO/BDO Seidman Future 50 Award
MSNBC  - Jan 9, 2009
“Receiving an award such as this is a true testament to the power of the home-based call center model, and the future of telecommuting in the American
Officescape ® Announces Office on DemandSM Services at Over 800 (Pressemitteilung),  Austria  - Jan 9, 2009
It has established the industry benchmark with its Office On DemandSM, Virtual Office and Telework Center services. Officescape is the leader in providing
Ahearn: This one’s just the club for you
Greensboro News Record,  NC  - Jan 9, 2009
For Kanika Payne, who was laid off from a telecommuting job just before she joined the Saturday book club, the meeting was an outlet and a chance to meet
Telecoms brace for inaugural traffic
Business Gazette,  MD  - Jan 9, 2009
not its hotels themselves, employees are being encouraged to take the day off or telecommute from home, as long as they obtain their managers’ approval.
PR Interview: Become a Social Media Release Convert: 8 Steps (subscription),  RI  - Jan 8, 2009
Dunford’s team created and distribued a SMR titled: “Breaking the Pajama Stereotype: Responding to Soaring Fuel Prices, Nortel Provides Primer on Telework.
Fuze Outdoes Free Online Meeting Makers in Several Ways
WebWorkerDaily,  CA  - Jan 8, 2009
With telecommuting on the rise, and everyone looking to save on travel costs, the environment is ripe for growing collaboration in online meeting
Inauguration Road Closures Expected to Cause Gridlock in Maryland
MyFox Washington DC,  DC  - Jan 8, 2009
If you have to work that day, he suggests carpooling, telecommuting, or finding a satellite office to work from. If you live in a neighborhood inside the
Not your average Joe: Florida developer embraces New Ruralism
National Post,  Canada  - Jan 8, 2009
Many are seasonal “splitters,” that is, owners who may have two or three homes where they divide their year, staying several months at each, telecommuting
Homesteading 2009 style: Moving into a $1000 house
WalletPop,  VA  - Jan 8, 2009
In fact, as Wired magazine points out, telecommuting actually improves productivity in many industries. As more and more workers access the office through
The Bisnow
Bisnow,  DC  - Jan 8, 2009
plus set a high environmental and family-friendly standard, pushing for half of GSA’s 12000 employees to telework at least one day a week. 35.
Functionality, ergonomics key to a comfortable home office
Monsters and  - Jan 8, 2009
Bad Honnef, Germany – An office at home is no longer unusual and is often used for everything from freelance work, telecommuting to more personal pursuits.
Make OC Transpo an essential service: BAC
Ottawa Business Journal,   Canada  - Jan 8, 2009
Traffic woes have been the chief result of the strike, with many commuters resorting to adjusting their hours or telecommuting to avoid perpetual traffic
SRA opens Stafford office,  NC  - Jan 8, 2009
“With a secure system development lab, multiple conference rooms and a dedicated telework center, SRA brings flexibility and the capability for rapid SRX
Federal government delivers green transportation initiatives
Canada NewsWire (press release),  Canada  - Jan 8, 2009
The implementation plan will include awareness and public engagement; professional development; telework program planning, impact assessment and reporting;
Send workers home…
India Business Today,  India  - Jan 8, 2009
Premji and Deshmukh are part of a growing number of employees opting for virtual workplaces or telecommuting, with organisations increasingly putting in BOM:532540
How the Virtual Workforce Is Changing Everything,  CA  - Jan 8, 2009
By Jack M. Germain Crowdsourcing and telecommuting are conspiring to reinvent the traditional notion of a job. No longer is the one-employer model the only
With focus on home, expect more eco-friendly choices
El Paso Times,  TX  - Jan 7, 2009
“With people being laid off, I think people are getting more creative and working from home and more companies are allowing telecommuting,” she said.
AT THE OFFICE: Hope, resilience endure despite tough ’08
Grand Forks Herald,  ND  - Jan 7, 2009
As holding our jobs takes priority, flexible working arrangements, wellness initiatives and telecommuting are things of the past. And arents are putting on
Telecommuting Urged During Obama Inauguration
InformationWeek,  NY  - Jan 7, 2009
Telework Exchange says the practice will allow DC employers to test continuity while avoiding congestion. By KC Jones A group that promotes telecommuting is
Top 5 Tech Trends From 2008
dBusinessNews Indianapolis (press release),  IN  - Jan 7, 2009
Here are a few of our favorite developments from 2008: 5: Telecommuting and virtual meetings. These have become easy options to save money on travel
3 Tips For Productivity Out Of The Office
dBusinessNews Indianapolis (press release),  IN  - Jan 7, 2009
With the predominance of laptops, BlackBerries, and telecommuting, more people are working out of the office. These tools can save time and money for both
Leave oil before it leaves us
Washington Times,  DC  - Jan 7, 2009
For this to work, it would require more compact living arrangements, better transit, car sharing, biking, walking and telecommuting.
Employee Handbooks — Shelter From the Storm,  CA  - Jan 7, 2009
Remote locations are often overlooked, but in today’s telecommuting environment, it has become even more critical. The policy should, at a minimum: specify
VDOT and State Police make road restrictions for Obama inauguration,  VA  - Jan 7, 2009
Employers in the region are encouraged to consider offering telework, flex time and/or other leave options for their employees on January 20.
Highways to be closed for Inaugural
Inside NoVA,  VA  - Jan 7, 2009
Officials are asking employers to allow their workers to telecommute, or work from home that day. Much of the burden is being put on public transit systems
Foothill Drive transportation plan nixes light rail
Deseret News,  UT  - Jan 7, 2009
We could also close the University and downtown and demand telecommuting and walkable communities. SLC is such a wasteland. I don’t know why the council
Broadband Now: Yes We Can… Stimulate the Economy, Says Industry
CircleID,  Canada  - Jan 7, 2009
Telecommuting is on the rise, and not only is broadband making these opportunities possible, this workplace shift can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1
Going green is nothing new for Nortel
SmartBrief,  DC  - Jan 7, 2009
“We created a telework strategy and deployed it globally. The company provided all sorts of support and tools to help teleworkers . NT
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