Work At Home Potty Humor

What do telecommuters and bovines have in common? They both pass gas.

People who work from home use less gasoline, and that’s a good thing. Cow farts and burps, on the other hand, are no laughing matter. In fact, livestock ’emissions’ contribute to global warming more than cars, planes and all other forms of transport put together!

Unlike humans and most other animals, bovine digestive systems produce large quantities of methane gas. Methane is believed to be twenty times worse for the environment than the carbon dioxide that comes of the back end of our cars.

New Zealand proposed last year to tax farmers in attempt to mitigate methane. But the farmers rallied and created a lobby, Farmers Against Ridiculous Taxes (F.A.R.T.) . The group made a big stink and successfully plugged the issue.

On our home soil, a couple of California entrepreneurs are determined to get to the bottom of the problem. They’ve invented a bovine methane recapture apparatus that, while it may make Bessie the laughing stock of the barnyard, it could put an end to our global warming woes–it’s sort of a cowalytic converter to stop tailpipe emissions

Honestly, we don’t make this crap up.

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