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Keep Your Home-Based Business From Growing Broke

When you run a small business cash flow is everything. Cash coming in allows you to buy more advertising, product, and equipment. Without it you aren’t in business, you’re giving you services or products away. Letís say your biggest client routinely pays in 30 days. Their orders keep increasing, so you figure business is good. […]

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A Good Accountant Is Worth His Weight In Gold

Based on personal experience, hiring an accountant won’t reduce the gray hairs that come with running your own business, but having a good one will save you some money and help fend off the IRS to boot. Fact is, if youíre a sole proprietor and file a Schedule C with your tax return, you have […]

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Pennies From Heaven, Money From Angels

Trying to start a new business inevitably requires start-up financing. (No not for business cards and letterhead, for marketing and product! What you need are customers!) If you can’t get a bank or SBA loan, and family members or friends aren’t an option, then angel investors are your only alternative. The men and women with […]

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How To Avoid Credit Chargebacks

Chargebacks are a huge headache, especially for companies that do business on the web. Unfortunately, the opportunity for fraud is far greater on the web where a customer can’t march in the door and pound on the counter if they feel ripped off. As a result, the internet consumer is favored by credit card merchant […]

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Money For Nothing and Chicks For Free? Not.

So you’ve decided to go it on your own, work from home and build your own business. Was Dire Straits right when they said there’ll be, “money for nothing and chicks for free?” Not to be a wet blanket, but banks are unwilling to lend to small startups, and venture capital is simply out of […]

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