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Here are some of our favorite downloadable documents, video, and more. In some cases, even if the product is free, you’ll be directed to our online store and cyber shopping cart. No worries though, when you put a free item in the cart, you’ll note that the charge comes up as zero.

newfindingmoneycoverFinding Money: Secrets of a Former Banker, Confessions of an Entrepreneur by Kate Lister and Tom Harnish (note: this link will take you to our site)

Need to find money to start a business? This book will show you how to find a loan or raise venture capital.

To start a new business or to expand existing one, Finding Money offers practical, step-by-step advice to attract the right investors. There’s plenty of money out there and plenty of investors, entrepreneurs only need to know how to find it. Finding Money can point the way.
Frank Szivos – Editor, Angel Investor News

Take This Job and Love It Video
This may be slow to load, but does an excellent job of showcasing one reason why telework makes sense.