Join The Navy and See . . . Your Home?

Usually, when you think about telework, you think cars, saving gas, and giving people more options instead of commuting. But for the Navy, its all about being ship shape.


Why in the world would the Navy care about telework? Why would the Navy even consider a virtual workforce?

The Navy is not only considering it, they’ve embraced the concept of a virtual, mobile workforce. Sharie Bourbeau, Assistant Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Manpower, Training and Education recently told a Telwork Exchange Town Hall meeting in Washington, DC that the vision is to have a seamless total force that is valued for a lifetime of service to our nation. Her vision of “seamless” means that the Navy can get their work done anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

In fact, the Department of the Navy wants to become a “top 50 employer.” To do that, she acknowldged, you have to be an employer that not only recognizes performance, but also ‘quality of life’, or ‘life-work balance’. That recognition, she said, is part of the Navy’s goal of creating a “results-oriented environment.”

“There’s a power in presence,” Bourbeau told her audience, “but presence doesn’t equate to performance.”

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