LifeHack Looks At Undress For Success’s Thursday Bram reviewed Undress For Success and says, ” . . . the fact that Undress for Success actually gets its hands dirty with the various problems someone working at home faces certainly makes it a better resource.” She concludes, “I found Undress for Success very readable and very interesting.”


She thinks we went a bit light on the freelancing and home-based business sections, and she’s right. We had to cut 50,000 words to fit the page count Wiley required. But rummage around here and you’ll find some of the material, and we’ll be adding the rest in the next few days.

Head on over and take a look at the rest of the review . . . but ignore the rediculous “I make $5000/Mo. Online Part Time” ads. It’s certainly not Thursdays’s fault they’re there, and not even really LifeHack’s. Scammers pay Google to run them, and Google does it, but you have to watch your step to avoid such nonsense.

If you’re a writer be sure to visit Thursday’s blog. She offeres lots of good advice for freelance writers.

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