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Over at TechRepublic, Exec. Editor Jason Hiner writes that at last week’s Interop IT trade show in Las Vegas he noticed buzz (#3 of 4 on his list) surrounding efforts to support a decentralized work force:

. . .one vendor told me that 70% of all employees now work outside of the corporate headquarters. Another vendor told me that number is actually up to 80%. One representative of a very large IT company said that it recently moved into a new headquarters and that the employee-to-workstation ratio is now 4-to-1 (up from 1.5-to-1). That’s because they now have a lot more mobile employees and they actively encourage employees to work from home during times they don’t need to come into the office.

There were a number of technologies taking center stage in order to support an ever larger number of remote offices, telecommuters, and road warriors. One is fixed mobile convergence, which is aimed at allowing employees to use a dual-mode phone to connect over the Wi-Fi network at the corporate office (or their home) and then to connect over the cellular network when not on a trusted Wi-Fi network. FMC also allows employees to consolidate phone numbers and voicemail inboxes.

Another technology for enabling a decentralized workforce is what I call “WAN caching.” You’ll hear it called WAN optimization, WAN acceleration, and a number of other marketing terms, but the speed burst comes primarily from caching large files so that they aren’t being sent over the WAN multiple times. . . .

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