Get Your Hanky (Ours Are All Used)

This has nothing to do with telework, telecommuting, working at home, or home based businesses. This post is simply here because we want to add our voice to the chorus of praise for an amazing woman.


You’ve probably heard of her too by now, Susan Boyle. But if by some chance you don’t know who we’re talking about go here. The video, and copies of the video, and copies of copies of the video have been viewed so often YouTube won’t allow them to be distributed anymore as embedded movies, as we intended to do here.

But beyond her voice and indomitable spirit, do you know she’s never been kissed? Never had a boyfriend. Never could walk down the street as kid without someone laughing and taunting her because she was different.

Oh yeah, she’s different. And look whose laughing now.

We wish her every success, every dream, every wish she’s ever had.

With hugs, and especially, kisses.

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