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Had some fun early this morning–very early this morning. Limo picked us at 2:45am and took us down to a TV studio for a live interview on Fox & Friends about Undress For Success and work from home scams.


Busy news day on FOX TV, what with the North Korean’s missle shoot and President Obama’s response from Europe. But they still manged to shoe-horn us in and we appreicated the opportunity.

As a Britsh friend put it, “Slowly, slowly, catchee monkey.”

Passing mention on Alisyn’s blog with a plug for,,,,,,,

Had some talking points prepared, and answers you might find useful:

1) Working at home, as an employee, freelancer, or business owner offers people a way to escape the rat race, earn extra income, or replace their lost employment. Currently five million American’s call home their primary place of work. Another 50 million hold jobs that could be done at home.

How would you like an extra 3- 5 weeks of vacation a year and an extra $5-15,000 of spending money? That’s how much an average employee would save each year by not going to the office every day. In this day and age for anyone with a desk job, work should be what you do, not where you do it. In a nutshell, that’s what Undress For Success is about.

2) There are legitimate home-based jobs with all-virtual employers, Fortune 500 companies, and small to medium-size businesses in a wide variety of professions. In addition, there are tons of opportunities to earn a full time income as a freelancer or home business owner.

We wrote Undress For Success to show people how to earn a full time living working from home and there are three ways to go about it:

First, you can convince your boss to let you work from home — most companies offer some level of telecommuting or telework as it’s called. We offer lots of advice about how to make your pitch in the book and on our web site (here).

Second, you can go to work for a company whose entire staff works from home.

– You can take pizza orders, issue airline tickets, or troubleshoot a computer problem with a company like LiveOps, Alpine Access, or Support Space
– You can manage a busy executive’s travel schedule with a company like TeamDoubleClick
– You can work in tutoring, teaching, transcription, or a growing number of other fields.

Third, you can turn your talents into a freelance career or home business. Online job boards like Odesk, Elance, Guru, and others make it easy to find, manage and get paid for your work. And other online tools make setting up an internet-based business easier than doing it the old fashioned way.

3) For every legitimate work at home listing on the web, there are 20 or more that are scams. The FBI and FTC tries to police it but new scams are born everyday. Many unscrupulous marketers are using the down economy to lure unsuspecting job seekers into their nets.

A recent survey showed that over 2 million people have been stung in work-at-home scams – the average hit is over $200. The people most likely to be caught in scams are those who are deep in debt. Desperate people do desperate things.

We’ve spent almost 3 years figuring out what’s legit and what isn’t. Unfortunately its not always easy to tell. Type the words work-at-home into Google and you’ll be presented with 300 million choices. Sadly, more than 90% of them are scams, links to scams, or dead ends. Even if you’re lucky enough to find one of the few legitimate sites, you still have to be careful because many accept ads that are for scams.

We were quoted in a top 100 blog the other day and right in the middle of our warning about scams, was an ad for one. We have a chapter in Undress For Success called Dirty Underwear that exposes the common themes and offers advice on how to spot new ones.

Some sites scream SCAM. Large type, make $5,000 in your sleep, a 10 page sales pitch that never actually says what the opportunity is (unless you cough up a credit card).

How do you avoid scams?

The simplest advice though it sounds trite, if it sounds too good to be true — it is.
If it’s spam its a scam.
Google the company name together with the words ‘fraud’ or ‘scam’

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