Cool Gadget of the Week

Okay, maybe I’m just a cheap date, and a little late to the party, but there are some inexpensive (99 ) technological marvels that just tickle me to death.

Yeah, some expensive shiny objects will turn my head and open my wallet (hey, I’m a guy), but cheap is always better if you get the same thrill. And so (drum roll) I give you:

Keynote Remote. The iPhone app.

Call me an Apple fanboy if you want, but being able to stand off to the side and look at a thumbnail on my iPhone and read the presenter notes of a Keynote slide my MacBook is projecting on a big screen while I change slides with a flick of my thumb is very cool.

And speaking writing about Keynote, it’s a whole lot easier to use than PowerPoint and produces much better looking presentations thanks to some really elegant templates and effects. And, yes, you can save the results as a pps file.

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