Beware of Foreclosure Rescue Scams

If you work from home, beware of foreclosure rescue scams – Help Is Free!

There is never a fee to get assistance or information about Making Home Affordable from your lender or a HUD-approved housing counselor.

Use this government self-assessment tool to see if you’re among the 7-9 million homeowners who can benefit from the Making Home Affordable program.


Beware of any person or organization that asks you to pay a fee in exchange for housing counseling services or modification of a delinquent loan. Do not pay — walk away!

Beware of anyone who says they can “save” your home if you sign or transfer over the deed to your house. Do not sign over the deed to your property to any organization or individual unless you are working directly with your mortgage company to forgive your debt.

Never make your mortgage payments to anyone other than your mortgage company without their approval.

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