Assembly Jobs Are Probably Scams

A reader wrote:

I’m seriously considering assembly work at home to supplement my part time job (all I could find in this recession). I know it’s mostly scams and one has to be extremely careful and do a lot of   research to find a legitimate company. Would you agree with this assessment and would you know of any such companies?

assemblyAssembly work seems to us to be a very unlikely source of supplementary income, largely because there are so many scams out there. We also have trouble understanding how any legitimate company could economically hire anyone and pay them a reasonable wage to do work that can be done by machine, or by offshore labor,   for much less. (We’re not advocating offshore labor, mind you, just reflecting reality). What’s more, in all our research we haven’t found any companies that offer real assembly work for real pay. So we’re very suspicious, as you should be too.

Now that’s not to say legitimate assembly jobs don’t exist, but we haven’t found one. If any readers can point us tpoeard one we’d like to check them out.

Our recommendation would be that you look to, and similar freelance sites, and see if you can identify gigs that match what you’re good at.

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